KFC a.m. twister & KOI

I seldom wake up so early on a sat if not for a clinic appointment at orchard. And today I bought this on my way back.

I love pita bread or wrap, but this seems a bit hollow @@

I seldom queue for KOI personally. And today I did it cos LC decided to buy some back home, and so I ‘accompanied’ her … and somehow earned myself a free drink! 😀

We queued for 15 mins before we could place our order, and waited 10 mins before our queue number was called.

A mum came by with her girl. Out of curiosity, she approached us asking: “You people are queuing up for the drink?!”

Me: “Yes”

The mum looked shock: “Does it tasted that nice?”

Me: “Not bad. You can give it a try …”

Her eyes turned to the long queue, afterwhich she shaked her head, gave a disbelief look before she smiled and walked away.

Well, I’m not sure if its worth the ‘sacrifice’. If someone else was with me, I don’t mind joining just for the fun of it 😉

the 25% sugar level still seems a bit sweet …

KFC a.m. twister & KOI

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