Eighteen Chefs @ TBP + Kbox @ Lucky Chinatown

The busiest housewife (ok she is earning from giving tuitions … which earned even more than the last job she had) finally decided to call for this gathering.

And so ‘naturely’ I became the coordinator.

Unfortunately LC and WW couldn’t attend, cos we were all surprised by what we saw.

Mdm Busy was pregnant!!!

It had been quite a long time since we last met her. Though I had been communicating with her through msn, there seems no hint of her pregnancy … somemore it has been 7 months.

Her last pregnancy ended up in complications but luckily all went well after full medications. It definately took her great courage to try for a 2nd one.

After flipping through the menu outside the restaurant, we decided on this.

The ex-premise of Sakae Sushi had turned into a small and simple restaurant, Eighteen Chefs.

It was a self-serviced restaurant, and of course with no service charge included.

All needed to do was to write and tick through their order chit, bring it over to the cashier with payment, collect the water and cutlery, and lastly, wait for the order to be served.

One thing which I couldn’t understand was, there were so many waiters around, but only one busily serving drink orders around … to all tables, while the rest stand by the food serving counter and do nothing. This busy one was later seen serving food orders too. Hmm …

add on S$3.80 for a drink and soup

dory with lemon (S$12.90)

teriyaki chicken chop (S$11.80)

salmon fillet (S$15.80)

The price was pretty reasonable. Food was surprisingly flavoury despite the price. Presentation was good too.

I would recommend this place for cheap yet reasonably good food. Not a bad place for gathering with friends. But as the premise was rather opened, one might be ‘viewed’ by many curious passersby.

Well, after sending Mdm Busy off at the mrt, the remaining 4 headed off to kbox at lucky chinatown.

I wondered how long I had not been here, cos it seems that the place had underwent a big revamp.

lcd tv screen … not 1 but 2

touch pad song selections which was very inconvenient cos we had to be physically there to select the songs and not remotely at our seat

a mounted on controller, for mic and song volume plus other functions, on the wall beside the sofa

Despite those inconveniences, we had an enjoyable night yelling away 😀

Eighteen Chefs @ TBP + Kbox @ Lucky Chinatown

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