Hari Raya Nite Market @ Geylang Seria

Frankly speaking it was my 1st time to the hari raya night market. And I was glad that BS invited me to join her and her family for their yearly trip down to geylang seria during such festive season. — but in the end only her sis went.

The experience was totally different from that of our cny night market. Not to say the difference in food, which in fact there were similarity with the festive cookies.

There were many food stalls like that of a pasar malam selling to those who wanted to grab something during their breaking of fast. Mostly seen were chicken wings, nasi lemak, nasi goreng, lekors, kuehs, keropok, and festive cookies.

There were even few stalls that sell floor mats, spreading at both sides of the passage way.

We were supposed to snack as we walked along the night market, but having to wait for the rain to stop, we had our dinner at the post centre instead.

keropok (3-for-S$10) are always so yummy! … and of cos we bought some from here ^^

lekors (8-for-S$1) were very crunchy and nice

bought only 1 pc of bamboo chicken wing (S$1.50) to try … but regretted. i should have bought more 😦

I remembered we passed by this coffeeshop during the FRC 1st foodie trip to joochiat, but we didn’t went for it cos we were rather full and tired by the end of our trip.

Since the queue wasn’t too long, BS encouraged me to queue for it … which eventually took me good 20mins to finally got my hands on my order @@

putu piring (3-for-S$1) tasted almost same as the one i ate in melaka, juicy and not too floury

BS said they used to sell at a coffeeshop in clementi, which I couldn’t recall so. 妈咪 was unsure either after I told her too.

Does anyone remember so?

Hari Raya Nite Market @ Geylang Seria

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