MOB @ Vivo

MOB = Most Original Burgers. Quite a powerful name but how original it is I do not know.

The cute palm size burger resembled to those of MOS burger … but of cos a mini version.

We ordered “The Goodfellas” (S$14.90) which came with 3 mini burgers plus a side order.

3 choices of bun, Signature Brioche, Rosemary Foccasia or Plain White, with 12 types of meat to choose from.

The 14 side orders included fries of different types, salad and pasta/rice.

They kept emphasing that the burgers were of small size, and so we ordered 1 set each instead of sharing.

Though the food came in small portions, it can be very filling by the end of it cos the meat serving was quite generous. I was half fulled after taken one small burger :S

A small serving of pasta is just nice to fill up a corner of the stomach if you want a ‘full-filled’ feeling.


The other two sides to our sets were the thick cut fries (like those sold in MOS burger) and the sweet potato fries. You bet we were full to the rim 😀

Overall the food weren’t too bad. But next time if I’m going again, I will request for sharing @@

MOB @ Vivo

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