3D2N Trip to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands (Real-Time Itinerary)

I’m back … from my 3D2N trip to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands!

I am still having ‘coachlag’ today, sleep on-off away in the coach cos it was a looooong journey back. I had watched 2 latest movies, few variety shows, a concert and hokkien songs mtv throughout the rides during those 3 days.

But despite the long journey, it was a pleasant trip.

We have been hearing about the shopping power of aunties, and I finally saw it for myself after being with 95% of aunties (some uncles) these few days. 妈咪 was one of them! @_@

Imagine most of these elderlys’ strength were weaker, what’s more with weak legs, they were still happily buying so many bulky and heavy stuffs as though they don’t need to get through the customs :S

Prior to the trip, I insisted on just bringing ONE pull luggage cos we THOUGHT there was NOTHING TO BUY. But who knows, for my convenience sake, we ended up stuffing all the heavy bulky stuffs into the luggage instead, while we handcarry our clothings with an extra purchase of a strawberry canvas bag which we bought at cameron highlands, and PLUS 2 other handcarry eco bags for vegetables, fruits and local products.

Anyway, SALUTE to them man!!! @_@

So now before I get into details with photos, here’s the record I had made on our real-time itinerary 😉 (妈咪 was wondering why I was always so busy writing down notes at every stop :P)

7 Aug, Sat

6.30am – Assemble @ People Park Centre
we reached @ 6.15am
– Set off to Jurong East to fetch the other batch of travellers before the 2 coaches head off to Tuas Checkpoint
time wasted for a late comer who didn’t turned up in the end @_@
– Coaches queue waiting time to alight @ Tuas Checkpoint
many coaches going up to genting and some other parts of msia at the same time. we were told that all m’sia coaches were despatched out to spore 😮
– Set off from M’sia custom for breakfast
9.15-10am – Breakfast @ Kilang Batu Bata, Johor
11-11.55am – Stopover @ YoYo Native, Yong Peng, Johor (http://www.yoyonative.com)
12.45-1.30pm – Lunch @ L.T.P. Tangkak Restaurant, Tangkak, Johor
2.20-3pm – Stopover @ Besfomec, Alor Gajah, Melaka (http://www.besfomec.com/eng/index.html)
4pm – Reached Selangor last toll
6pm – Reached Perak
6.45pm – Reached Ipoh
7pm – Dinner @ Onn Kee, Ipoh, Perak
8.15-9pm – Pasar Malam walk nearby
9.10pm – Reached Syuen Hotel, Ipoh, Perak
10pm+ – Goodnite!

8 Aug, Sun

6.30am – Morning call
but 妈咪 woke up even earlier and ‘pulled me up’ from my comfy sleep @ 6.15am :S
– Breakfast @ Hotel
lousiest hotel breakfast buffet i ever had cos food were swept out by hungry ghosts from those countries you know la! :@
– Check out from hotel
8.50am – Set off to Perak Cave
9-10am – Exploring Perak Cave
10-10.35am – Stopover @ Soon Ann, Ipoh, Perak (http://soonann.asiaep.com/soonann.htm)
12.30-1.30pm – Lunch @ Kedai Makanan Laut Lai Fatt, Kampung Rajah, Cameron Highlands
went praying at Guan Di Temple located just beside
1.35-2.20pm – Cameron Valley Tea Plantations (also known as Bharat Tea Plantation), Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands
2.30-3.20pm – Rose Valley, Tringkap, Cameron Highlands
3.25-4pm – Butterfly Garden, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
4.05-4.50pm – Kea Farm Market
4.55-5.20pm – Strawberry Farm, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
5.30pm – Reached Rosa Passadena Hotel, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
we were supposed to stay at hotel titiwangsa, but due to lack of room availability, our coach group stayed here instead
6.45pm – Assemble for dinner at the lobby
6.50-8.25pm – Steamboat dinner @ Hotel Titiwangsa, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
8.35-9.15pm – Exclusive trip to Tanah Rata Town for our coach group only
in compensation for the change of hotel stay
10pm+ – Goodnite!

9 Aug, Mon

6.30am – Morning call
this time round 妈咪 left me alone but i woke up automatically @ 6.15am 😛
7.10-7.45am – Breakfast @ Hotel
it was more organised and clean. enjoyed the simple breakfast under the cosy, cool weather 😉
8.40am – Set off from hotel
10am – Simpang Pulai -> Gopeng -> Kumpar
10.40-11am – Stopped by road side for fresh yummy DURIANS!!!!
11.25am-12.35pm – Lunch @ Kam Ling Restaurant, Jln Idris, Kampar
4pm – Detoured from highway to old road
5.10pm – Stopped by Muar, Johor to collect our Xiao Mei Otah orders
6.50-7.30pm – Dinner @ Cathay Restaurant, Kulai, Johor
8.20pm – Changed into another bus at a hawker centre
our coach couldn’t make it on time to apply the road tax to spore and so we had to change into one that had it
– Cleared custom after 35mins of waiting in the bus queue at Tuas checkpoint

These groups of elderlys had been organising tours using the same tour guide more than a decade ago. A very professional and caring tour guide which made our trip hassle free and enjoyable.

I do hope I can engage his service for other trips with my own group(s) 😉

notes that was scribbled at every stop 😀

The handphone no. with name was written down by 妈咪’s hong kong friend, presently residing in singapore, whom 妈咪 hasn’t been in touch with for some years, but we saw her at Yoyo instead. She came with a tour group heading towards Malacca then. What a small world! 😉

3D2N Trip to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands (Real-Time Itinerary)

2 thoughts on “3D2N Trip to Ipoh and Cameron Highlands (Real-Time Itinerary)

    1. yixuanpm says:


      Regret i do not have his direct contact. The grp usually request for him when they booked with Farmosa Holiday Tour. They have used his service for more than 15yrs. His name is Richard, from malacca. He was real good I must say 🙂

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