Great Deal @ Watson!

I don’t know when the promotion started, but I happened to chance on this promotion of “Buy 2nd for $1” when I was buying my handwash.

Handwash : 1 pack of 2 bottles is S$4.95, a 2nd pack only cost S$1!

Footease Gel: 1 pack for Heel one is S$7.95, a 2nd pack of same range (I took Spots one) only cost S$1!

Other than the already saved S$10.90, I was given a S$1 voucher receipt (for S$15 nett spend in a single receipt) for my next purchase!

I didn’t know about this, if not I will use it on the spot for the non-discounted blister plaster of S$11.20 @_@

updated on 5 aug

I used up the S$1 voucher for this newly released Garnier cleansing foam with apple essence today.


This new formula made me feel as though I am using apple juice to wash my face 😉

Great Deal @ Watson!

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