Taste Paradise @ ION & ALT @ Heeren

I wouldn’t have come to this part of ION if not for our dim sum lunch at taste paradise.

I like the place the moment I stepped into the restaurant.

We were 1st greeted by a short walkway where ‘hidden’ private rooms and kitchen are. The grand interior of the main dining area were decorated with ancient chinese emperors’ paintings, and ancient-style of furnitures and cutleries. Basically a strong chinese culture with a little modernized deco incorporated.

Groups of family started streaming in at the opening hour of 11am. It was indeed a good and cosy place for such gatherings.

Despite having cold sore, I was still savouring away the dim sum … knowing most dim sum filled with bits of seafood fillings like prawns 😀 (sorry no photo on those dim sum cos the photos came out too yellowish to adjust 😦 )

But also because of this cold sore, I couldn’t join the gals for the crabby feast at AMK’s Melben in the evening 😦

We dropped by toy fair at taka sq and then went on to heeren.

I only get to know of the existance of this lifestyle store that occupied the ex-HMV 3-storeys premises in heeren today.

Things selling inside were rather pretty, with some common items easily identified to arrive from japan or korea.

Taste Paradise @ ION & ALT @ Heeren

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