Welcome/Farewell Dinner @ Melt, Mandarin Oriental

As long as there is someone from 红点 transferred over, there will be a welcome dinner. So 顺便 for a leaver and her replacement too. (Times are different from last …)

Since the present head asked me for suggestion, I chose a place where I had never tried before 😉

It wasn’t hard to compare with The Line as their rate (S$68++ for the tuesday we went) was almost the same for their dinner buffet where they had the same international cuisines.

But in terms of food quality wise, each has their wins.

There are more varieties and fresher seafoods at The Line than Melt.

Local and some grilled food seems tastier in Melt than The Line.

Melt’s indian dishes were nicer, especially their naan which I love very much 🙂

Local noodle and Italian food shared the same section. The prawn noodle was (MSG) tasty while the small bowl of creamy pasta wasn’t too bad either.

Their desserts-cum-fruits section runs round the pillar near the entrance. In terms of creativity, The Line wins it!

chocolate fondue + ice cream section

cakes section

nyonya kuehs section

ice kachang section

I was too full by then to try the food from their japanese section 😛


Overall to say, I like their buffet as much as I like The Line one. The atmosphere here however was so much better than The Line. They gave more privacy with their spacious walkway inbetween each table, and had more sectioned areas for bigger group like us. We felt very cosy here, and we were glad that we don’t have to raise our voice over too.

I wondered how it would be like to have lunch or hi tea here where the sunlight bathed in 😉

Welcome/Farewell Dinner @ Melt, Mandarin Oriental

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