Our missed 老爸 is back!

He was back on a short business trip after being transferred back to tokyo headquarter since end sept last year, and had requested for a dinner gathering with us (the locals during his ‘reign’) prior to his arrival. 2 other 1st timers to spore joined in too.

See what I had done for our congrats email after his new appointment as CO of our company in mid march 😉

animations with photo editing done by me but cartoon graphics from a fav. blog site of mine 😛

Peranankan cuisine is new to him and so we decided on Blue Ginger, a place where I had not been to for more than 10 years.

I like this kind of shophouse restaurant, especially their window seats on upper levels, and so specially requested for such without knowing how the interior might has changed over the 10 years. We were so glad when we arrived to realise that we were given a private section by the window.

The whole restaurant was still packed by the time we stepped out near 9pm. It seemed quite a good place for family gatherings as what we noticed.

BTW, the treat was on 老爸 and so here’s what we had ordered 😛

ah char and sambal belacan
the jap lady and SC loved the belacan so much that they each bought a pack home!
1/2 filled on those kind of dessert container for S$6

chap chye (S$9.50)
some chap chye gave out a bit of raw taste, but this wasn’t the case. this was wet and cooked soft enough.

kangkong lemak (S$8.50)
the sotong was quite springy, not too hard nor too soft.

otak otak (S$3.20 per piece)
not too bad as a whole, though hint of fish taste was rather faint.

beef rendang (S$11.50)
of all the dishes, i like this dish the most.
the beef was very tender, and after mixing the gravy with the rice, it was simply wonderful 🙂

ayam buah keluak (S$15.80)
honestly speaking, i have never tried buah keluak, and so were the rest. but we unanimously didn’t like the weird taste of it. we don’t know how to appreciate that 😛

babi pong tay (S$9.90)
the meat was very tender too, just like the beef rendang dish.

ngo heong (S$9.90)
i like the meaty and crunchy taste of it

udang nonya (S$19.80)
the chili was nice. i would rather have many smaller prawns to savor with.

fish head (S$26)
kind of bland to us. not too fragrancy and spicy but instead full of coconut taste.

the desserts
the coconut gravy of the bo bo hitam (S$3.50) was replaced with coconut ice cream instead, though it seemed healthier (not too sure how healthier) but less fragrancy.
the durian chendol (S$4.80) in terms of taste and volume really lost to what i had in malacca’s jonker88

Some of the dishes came with double orders for catering the long table of our group. So plus the drinks, wines and some miscellaneous costs, the bill came up to S$400+ 😛

I stopped 老爸 from ordering a cup of chinese tea (can’t really remember how much it cost but I think it costs more than a dollar or even more) cos he could easily has it FREE in the hotel. Helping him to ‘save’ leh … hahaha …

Old times are over. What is left of are memories. Fond memories ~_~

Our missed 老爸 is back!

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