Being WATCH-ed For 5 Years

Times flies. I have been in this company for the 5th year, and I was told to choose a watch as my 5 years service award.

None of the watches from that specified retailer caught my interest. And so I started searching online since I can top up whatever amount exceeded from company’s subsidy 😛

And then I suddenly remembered some watches ad which I archived in my folders whenever I fancied any from fashion mags 😀

I like the Tsumori Chisato black one which cost 42,000yen (about S$647)

I saw this Van Cleef & Arpels’ Pont des Amoureux watch from the ELLE mag 大妹 brought back from her HK trip few mths ago.

After a search online, I was shocked that it was priced @ US$116,000 😮

And so, I chose this in the end …

Emporio Armani Ceramica Watch @ S$895 … after supplier discount and company subsidy, I’m only paying S$403 😀

Quite a good deal, but then sudden lost of S$400+ still quite a heart pain 😦

And so to ease the ‘pain’, I went around telling ‘everyone’ how much the original price was and how much it was subsidied, and that it was really worthy for me 😉

Ya, I like to do such nonsensical thing to make myself feel better after a splurge … kekeke …

And today, I had this heavy watch with me!!!!! ^_____^

Being WATCH-ed For 5 Years

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