Chikuwa Tei / Tampopo Deli / Lomo Camera

I had Chikuwa Tei again! 😀

stupidly took a neverending staircase up from the mrt station @@

***side track*** i like to take pix of pre-war house … like this one which was built in 1927 😉

We ate the same old stuffs except this mini crabs dish.

mini crabs @ $8 : very salty :s

Next we walked to liang court kino and I grabbed this!

S$49 less 10% from kino card

I bought a similar one in cherry pink from hk last yr for HK$240.

this lanyard which i bought from melaka can be of use now ^^

Soon we headed down to the basement for our pre-orders collection of the pastries at tampopo deli. Stuffs really run fast and so it’s wise to pre-order them personally at the counter.

cream puff

Love it! It is almost similar to bread papa but the pastry is ‘firmer’ and crispier. The creamy custard was so fresh and ‘juicy’ that we could even drink it up 😛

This mont blanc cake was too sweet for my tooth. Plus I was full to the rim after the cream puff, I give it a miss after a small scoop of it.

Chikuwa Tei / Tampopo Deli / Lomo Camera

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