Yellow Box = Robotic Life

Having lived around here and uses UOB (from old premise to present premise) services for decades, I had never came across the need for 1 single queue for 2 deposit machines. Maybe during their operation hours while I was working, but not after operational hours.

For those who had been to the branch at clementi central, the floor area for 1 bank book updating machine, 2 deposit machines, 2 atm, and 1 cheque depositing was rather small. But is good enough for quick job.

But the woman that blindly follow the man — whom already at the deposit machine when I arrived — insisted that I queue behind them (another 2 blur-looking teenage couple) when there is no queue infront of the 2nd deposit machine. She wasn’t even standing inbetween the 2 machines but directly infront of the 1st machine.

Even after telling her the practise here, she still couldn’t judge. There were only 3 of them then and with 1 more person queuing behind, that 1 person can draw cash as well while queuing for his/her turn on the cash deposit machine.

There wasn’t and had never had any yellow box to indicate a queue needed to be merged!

Instead of speeding up the process and preventing a cramped space, she has created time consuming and messy queues. After furiously ‘said’ “FORGET IT!” and “NONSENSE!”, I stormed away …

I may sounds nonsense myself. Maybe for certain places there is a need to. But I believed we are there to use eyes (and brain) to judge and not by unknown rules.

Does spore really needs a lot of yellow boxes to teach her people how to live their life and all?! Sounds so robotic …

Well, she has better not let me see her stand out of the “arrow” sign to get in to the mrt cabin ***evil smile***

Yellow Box = Robotic Life

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