White Dog Cafe & Honeymoon Dessert @ Vivo

It was dear Ms Sotong’s birthday and we gathered this evening for a dinner at White Dog, my new try 😉

Tiger (S$3.50)
they claimed that they sell the cheapest around vivo, even cheaper than 7-11 😮 … and so the 2 guys had 1 each

Platter (S$14.90)
we ordered another set after realising 1 set wasn’t enough to go around cos their platter was good 😛

only Me, 雷门, SK, and Old Cow ordered this Seafood Soup (S$5.90)
just like any tomato soup 😉

BS’ Prawn Bisque (S$5.90)
i’m really ‘scare’ of prawn or lobster bisque. a creamy version of prawn soup 😛

BS’ Peri Peri Chicken (S$10.90)

SK’s Breaded Chicken (S$9.90)

Ms Sotong’s Carbonara Penne (S$9.90)

雷门’s Aglio Olio (S$9.90)

Me and Old Cow’s Beef Spag (S$10.90)

JJ’s Chicken Spag (S$10.90) dish looks alike to beef one and so I didn’t bother to take any shot of it 😛

Overall, we unanimously agreed that their non-pasta meals tasted much better, though also nothing great to shout about.

The only good thing about this cafe was the big waterfront view they have 😉

Next will be our desserts. 雷门 left us while the rest headed off to Honeymoon Dessert.

mango sago (S$5.50)

mango grass jelly (S$6)

grass jelly red bean soup (S$2.80)

glutinous ball sesame paste (S$3.50)

sesame & walnut paste (S$3)

kiwi ice blend (S$2.80)
since she treated us to the desserts, i must put a portrait of her as token of appreciation 😛

It wasn’t a nice place to hang out cos they were like rushing you to finish your dessert so that the queue outside can be shorter, which partly also because of the small floor area of the dessert shop that couldn’t accommodate too many patrons.

Anyway their desserts weren’t really that great. If really wanted to compare, the desserts at Mei Heong Yuen or Ji De Chi served better. The reason for the crowd simply because of the fame already established in Hong Kong where it came from.

So from what I see, the crowd may die down as time goes by, unless they are willing to make big improvements to their desserts.

And I hoped it will not end up having the fate of Hui Lau Shan (a famous chains of desserts shop in Hong Kong) which didn’t stayed too long in spore. I remembered having it once only at the branch located at International Building, where TCC is occupying the premise now.

Hui Lau Shan, do come back! 😉

P/S: someone was distributing this in the mall …

this may be my next new try 😉

White Dog Cafe & Honeymoon Dessert @ Vivo

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