Tony Roma Anniversary Set Meals

Tapping on to the promotion from Tony Roma’s, we arranged to meet up at suntec’s branch tonight.

bought myself a pair of black pants … after the black jeans of yesterday’s purchase 😉
after 20% less, i only need to pay S$55.20
if this can last for more than 10yrs like those i bought from them 10yrs+ ago, then this price is worthy 😉


We ordered 2 sets under the promotion list and add S$7.90 for the mocktail plus S$6.90 for the soup, and regardless of which set, we only have to pay S$21.90 per set. Worth huh? 😉

potato soup

french soup
simply french loaves soaked in soup

sunriser and funky monkey
tasted like any diluted syrup drink :S

chicken piccata pasta
LC and me shared one, while Cat had one for herself.
the serving was big, luckily i shared this with LC,
while Cat struggled on hers and could hardly finish her share of the ribs 😛
the pasta sauce tasted kinda weird in fact,
mainly because we weren’t used to the taste of artichokes or capers used in making the sauce

we shared on this juicy, yummy st. louis-style ribs in carolina honeys sauces (full slab @ S$31.90)

seafood of the day – salmon (S$24.90)
MZ’s order. as usual the dish came too big for her and so couldn’t finished it.
i ended up ‘helping’ her with ‘some’ 😛

Luckily I stopped them from ordering the calamari rings cos I was sure they couldn’t even finish their own orders 😉

Tony Roma Anniversary Set Meals

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