Let’s Play @ 313 Ramen Play

JT had been very busy for the past 1 mth+ and so could hardly meet up. We were finally meeting up for our collections of orders over a dinner tonight 😉

I went through the hungrygowhere.com for any good place for our dinner @ 313, but mostly came with bad ratings :S

Anyway we settled for Ramen Play in the end.

While waiting for JT who arrived late, I bought myself a pair of black jeans … finally … at uniqlo, that required alteration.

I was actually in ‘great’ hunger (with cold sweat suddenly :S), so one can imagine the ‘hungry’ state I was in then trying the jeans numberous times — from initial trying of a few –> put on again before alteration –> wait for about 30mins –> try on again after alteration :S

By the time we were at Ramen Play, it was almost 7.30pm.

We saw few groups of people hanging outside the restaurant, going through the menu. We supposed they were queuing up, and so were about to join them while PL informed the crew of the number of people for our table. Afterwhich … we were ushered in IMMEDIATELY! No waiting time! 😮

We were quite surprised, and so were those ‘queuing’ outside.

I guess sometimes we are simply following what we saw or thought, blindly. We should get our facts right before following the others. There were empty seats inside and so there shouldn’t be a reason for a ‘long’ queue. The 1st group may have just gathered around, near to the queue area and so created an ‘illusion’ to the others thereafter. We weren’t sure whether the crew did anything to explain to the ‘illusional’ queue, but one of them was replying to some enquires when we were there.

To be truthful to myself, if I was among the ‘illusional’ queue (I can’t say it’s stupid but rather obedient :P), and in such hunger state, I would be angry and walk away to other place instead, even just a simple burger from any nearby fastfood outlet.

Ok, so back to the ramen ‘playground’.

this photo was taken after the meal, and so without ‘queue’

open-concept kitchen

There are 3 types of ‘poisons’ placed on each table to ‘play’ with. 2 of the condiments (poisons) are rather common and so we decided to ‘play’ with the stir-fried chilli chives. And oh my! It tasted nice even on its own. And so we decided to just eat it as a side dish instead of spoiling the taste after mixing them with the ramen 😛

nice sencha (S$1.20)

6pcs yaki gyoza (S$5.80)

Our shared dish wasn’t too bad. The dough wasn’t too thick nor too burned. It came in smaller size than Nantsuttei though but the taste didn’t lost to them.

sanpou tonkotsu ramen (S$14.80)

Sanpou means 三宝 (3 treasures), which were braised pork cheek, braised pork belly in char siew sauce, and same but in a special sauce which seems secretive enough.

I chose Tonkotsu soup base instead of the other choice, Shoyu (soysauce).

I enjoyed my order very much. Not sure was it because of my hunger, but it tasted very yummy. Though the soup base doesn’t came as porky as the one I had at Nantsuttei, the light porky soup was quite flavoury. Mine was served with 3/4 boiled egg which left a bit of runny york, and some bamboo shoots too.

JT’s pork karaage ramen (S$14.80) which she didn’t really enjoy much, though she finished up all @_@

PL’s pork curry ramen’s (S$14.80) curry seemed not too bad. I may try this during my next visit.

The other reason for our meet-up tonight was to make a ‘surprise’ visit to Shaoye who’s birthday is tomorrow!

After grabbing a small chocolate cake from The Icing Room, we headed straight to his working place and passed him the cake, mini card, and angbao 😀

he looks smart in this outfit 😉
(I wasn’t trying to be outstanding, but they simply wanted to ‘hide’ behind me @_@)

As the night was still young, we decided to head off to swensen above ION after passing Shaoye those stuffs.

when did GUCCI has such a big store at paragon?

We came by Taka FoodFest and they both bought these fruits vinegar drink. Heard they were good for health. But I wasn’t able to grab any cos I was carrying few bottles of facial products which weighed 😦

After going through what seemed a maze to me, we finally arrived at the swensen.

There are still some constructions going on, and so this swensen seemed “well hidden”. But it was until I left the restaurant from the other door that I realised that it was near one of the ION’s lift lobbies :S

I like this branch. It was big and cosy to me. Good for group gatherings 🙂

And here comes our ice creamssssss 😀

nutty mighty / mango fantasy / chendol delight

Which who’s?

I’m not as nuts as JT and preferred traditional nyonya chendol, hence mango fantasy suits the dreamy me 😉

Let’s Play @ 313 Ramen Play

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