2010 Foodie Trip : 8-Hours City Tour – Bugis/Little India

It took us nearly 1yr for the next one since our last foodie trip, though we had all sort of ‘meal-ing’ gatherings inbetween over the past year 😀

Attendances this time round was lesser, but it didn’t lessen our fun 😉

Starting pt: 3pm @ Bugis MRT
Tour guide of the day: Old Cow

my ‘door gift’ for the trip
i had wanted to buy 1 pack but could only find them in pkt of 4 and so … 😛

Hawker Centre opposite Fu Lu Shou Complex

Since it was a “foodie” trip, food was definately a must and so how could we forsake the goodies from this hawker centre 😉

Each of us left and returned back with food from different stalls. We had dry wanton mee, char kuey teow, pig’s organs soup, dao suan, tang yuan in peanuts soup, and zui kueh. Old Cow was in fact not feeling too well and so he had the zui kueh for himself while we shared the rest.

Along Waterloo St (commonly known as 四马路 for the chinese)

Kwan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple

wondering why it was so packed today

Sri Krishnan Temple just next door to it

i don’t seemed to see any indians but chinese instead

Fortune Centre

Old Cow said it used to house many shops selling miniatures. But what we found there now were levels of vegetarian eating house/restaurants.

We came out of the building and walk along Bencoolen St, heading towards Jln Besar for the Thieves’ Market.

The big field here will come alive on weekends nite where many indians (mostly foreign workers) like to gather and watch the big screen movie.

Thieves’ Market (Sungei Road)

The reason why it’s called Thieves’ Market was probably because a small part of them may have came from pickpockets or stole items.

There used to be some news stating those bicycles parked beside the MRT stations that went missing/stolen could be found at this place.

Anyway, this spore’s largest and oldest flea market may just be a place for those karang guni men or elderlys who lived alone trying to earn a living here.

For old-grandfather-stuffs collectors, this weekends flea market, that occupied 3 long lanes that crossed each others, may be a good place for a good ‘dig’. Though what seems to be junk in your eyes may be a treasures to the others, we didn’t eye on any 😀

Coffeeshop @ Blk 31, Kelantan Lane

We had the famous sungei road laksa that sell S$2 for the small bowl of laksa that served with spoon only. Though as guilty as it may looks, the thick coconut gravy was simply fragrancy and nice ^___^ … and it gets spicier with more chili 😛

Though it was a small bowl of laksa, we were almost full to the rim as it was only less than 1.5hrs from the time we had our late lunch at the hawker centre :S

After the short break, we came out from Kelantan Lane to Jln Besar, and crossed over to Little India.

Little India

saw some … century old? … straits shophouses with their beautiful facade

We walked along Vererasamy Rd in search of Rowell Rd but were kinda lost as we arrived at Kg Kapor Rd.

the Kampong Kapor Methodist Church was in sight
roots of this ex-straits chinese methodist church dated back all the way to 1890
building was however built in 1929-30
in 1962, the church was renamed to what it was now

not to waste time, we decided to search online via JK’s iphone.

As we walked along Kg Kapor Rd towards Rowell Rd direction, a grp of police officers came behind us … as though they were escorting us till we reached ‘safely’ at Rowell 😛

this area is under country’s conservation

This was our my main reason for heading to Rowell Rd.

MoST (Museum of Shanghai Toys)

But we were sadly informed that the museum was about to close for the day as they had something on elsewhere. We were only able to browse around the store level 😦

interviews from various news, magazines and tv programmes

and even a shooting location for one of the local dramas

After leaving from MoST, we walked towards Mustafa, bypassing Desker Rd, another conserved area.

It was in his itinerary to show us this stretch of road too, for being the hotspot for ‘ah gua’ to appear. And of course we saw some appearing, ready for business.

Mustafa Centre

It had long stood there for decades, from a small shop into a 24-hour shopping mall, but this was my 1st trip 😀

It was very big, with 2 splitting malls bridging over a road. Old Cow said our timing was very good as the usual crowd will only start to ‘flush-in’ in an hour time.

BS was in a GREAT dilemma to buy this adidas watch, while the other 2 acted as the store staffs trying to ‘hard sell’ to her … ~_~||

BS ended up with a great discounted branded perfume, while me with … … toothbrush! 😛

After hanging around for about an hour or so, we walked over to the area’s newly opened, spore 1st eco-mall, City Square Mall, located at Kitchener Rd.

As usual, there weren’t much surprises from this new mall either, except maybe for some of the restaurants which I have yet to come across with. But we had no plan to have our dinner here.

Just when we were caught between 2 suggestions for our dinner, it just so happened that I caught sight of the board for free shuttle bus service to one of the suggested locations, Lavender, of which will be arriving in another 5mins. Lucky us! ^_*

From Lavender mrt station, we walked through the open carpark infront of ICA building, crossed over the bridge behind, cut across the playground, bypassed 2 blocks, and then we saw the standing signboard for Happy Chef ^___^

Coffeeshop @ Blk 466, Crawford Lane, Lavender

There were almost 30 different dishes to choose from. And here’s what we ordered.

Old Cow’s fish & chips

chicken and pork cordeon bleu
JK’ order, and an extra order

2 cajun chicken chop dishes with 2 different types of gravy for both BS and me

fried shiitake

Styles were comparable to Botak Jones’, which seemed to have drop in quality and taste the last I went. The big portion served was really value for money which cost around S$5-6 for each of those dishes above.

We observed another long queue at the same coffeeshop, and they were the famous Hill Street Tai Hwa bak chor mee, which also has a branch at Bestway Building near our office.

After the heavy dinner (wow! we had eaten a lot since our late lunch :P), we decided to walk all the way back to Bugis St.

We walked along North Bridge Rd towards Textile Centre, turned into Aliwal St, cut through the carpark to Sultan Gate and then to Baghdad St.

Arab Street

The streets here were always that happening at night, esp Fri-Sun. There were many coffeeshops, cafes, and restaurants here, with many serving middle east and mediterranean cuisines. I was told there were many nice teh tarik, tandoori, so on … around here, but I have yet to try on any. I will make another trip to try those some days 😉

The most commonly sight was those restuarants that offers shisha smoking.

view opposite from arab st

We crossed over to the big field opposite arab st and came to Parkview Square.

Old Cow highly recommended this drinking place inside the building. Accordingly to him, there will be a gal who will dress in angel costume. And whenever a customer requested for a wine, this angel will ‘fly’ up the huge wine fridge to reach for his/her selected wine.

True enough, we saw it for ourselves … outside, as we weren’t in proper smart casual attire to enter in 😦

But according to him, minimum spending will take about S$200. Wow! Guess I had to wait till a real special occasion before I decided to step in. 😛

Last stop of the day, Ji De Chi (记得吃) dessert at Liang Seah St.

It wasn’t so crowded when I first came to this dessert shop about 3 years ago. In actual fact, the tables weren’t even filled up when I came that time.

But they seemed to have become famous over the years, opening few branches around. And today, it was fully packed from inside till the tables outside the shop.

Luckily for us, we didn’t wait too long for a table outside 🙂

durian rice roll (S$5.50)

durian puree with pomelo sago (S$6)

The durian puree on both durian desserts was delicious as though we were eating a durian itself.

mango strawberry snow (S$6)

Combi of both fruits gave out sweet and tangy taste, with some chewy glutinous rice balls and fruit cubes to go along with too.

And this ended our 8-hours of city tour 😉 FUN … FUN … FUN … Let’s have more! ^_____^

2010 Foodie Trip : 8-Hours City Tour – Bugis/Little India

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