Nanbantei @ FEP

Honestly speaking, I might have passed by or saw it from the level below, but has never taken interest into checking out on this restaurant before.

When 长先生 arranged tonite’s dinner and stating to meet at FEP, the 1st thought that came to my mind was, Wasabi Tei. But knowing the previous chef had left and was taken over by someone else which I heard standard has dropped, I warned him of that. Of which his reply was, “you should understand I only go for good food”. So I was wondering what other good food can be found there which had already captured his heart …

They have such a simple outlook with an almost turning into yellow signboard, so it really hard for me to ‘notice’ it 😛

They served mostly yakitori here, from choices of beef, lamb, chicken, seafood, and vege.

Since their speciality is grilled dishes, they have a list of grilled fishes, and fried dishes like gyoza and tori karaage under side orders too.

And of course some popular side dishes like sashimi.

Not knowing what to eat, 长先生 decided for us cos he was treating 😉

goes nice with the kind of paste they have

asparagus maki
asparagus wrapped round with pork was always nice but this tasted average only and was a little saltish

chicken wings
the winglets which were a little burned were crispy but a little dry

shiso maki
the pork with shiso leaf which came with light minty taste was very ‘juicy’ on the tendering meat 🙂

ika ohba maki
squid with shiso leaf tasted almost the same as shiso maki of which squids were grilled to soft instead

grilled yellowtail
this does not appear on the menu but was pre-ordered upon booking by 长先生
it was quite fragrancy but there was a strong hint of the seawater fish,
for ppl like Old Cow who doesn’t really fancy fish, this simply doesn’t suit them.
and i think this dish cost the most.

The big and yellow corns lying infront of the counter, where the chef does his grilling, had been tempting us since we stepped in, and so we decided to add in orders of those 😛

really sweet ^_____^ love it! heard they were from hokkaido

Plus the double orders of asparagus maki and shiso maki, total bill came out to S$200+ 😮 If say we were to share among the 4 of us, each will have to fork out S$50+ which was too much for such a small unfulfilling spread. I personally feel Shin Kushiya fare better in this aspect.

Quite immediately after leaving the restaurant, we headed off somewhere for ‘some’ drinks where we started updating 长先生 of the happenings in our office. Oh ya! He had left since dec last yr, but he having ‘flexible’ lunch hrs, he had came over to our office vicinity for lunch with us several times.

Old cow didn’t have a fulfilling dinner and so this wasn’t a bad choice for him.

And guess what?! I had a set too 😛

We chatted for awhile before 长先生 went off to meet up with a friend at the airport, leaving only the 3 of us. And that was the time where BS and I started our little shopping around before the mall closed … with Old Cow as the ‘follower’ 😛

BS was a happy shopper again 🙂 After switching to ION, I managed to grab 2 apparels from uniqlo 😉

Old Cow was by then getting bored and so we finally decided to stop our shopping (it was about to close anyway :P) and headed off to the foodcourt for our desserts where we finally decided to end our niteout 😀

Nanbantei @ FEP

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