Tai-Tai-ish Day With Sis : Hi-Tea @ Carousel

I told them in order not to ‘waste’ my precious leave (even half a day leave), I wanted something really what tai tai-s are doing … that is to have a nice hi-tea, shop and laze in a weekday afternoon. And not our frequented cafes like cafe cartel, mac cafe, swensen or blah blah blah., but instead a good hi-tea in the hotel 😀

We wanted to go for a quick snack before pedi but ended up having a ‘heavy snack’ at KFC 😛

This time round I didn’t apply any nail polish to my toes nails, cos one of them was ‘injured’ 😦

And so after our pedi at PS, we headed straight off to Carousel @ Royal Plaza on Scotts.

Queue was already formed even though we made a reservation for the hi-tea. And we were quite surprised that the whole restaurant were fully occupied :O … everyone was as ‘free’ as us 😛

BIL-A joined us here too! With the 3 of them constantly bringing back food from the buffet tables, I could simply sat at the table waiting for food to be served 😛

carrot cakes / breaded crab claws / shrimps dumplings
so so only

mee siam
not too bad

spring rolls / chicken nuggets / beancurd rolls
these range of food usually turned cold easily in buffets or caterings
they not only lost their crispiness but also turned hard
but i believed they should be nice when they were served out HOT

cold crab claws / cold prawns / mussels
if compared to The Line, these weren’t as tasty as theirs.
the crab wasn’t as bouncy, and they weren’t as thoughtful to break the shell further beforehand for easier consuming.
the prawns weren’t too fresh, the flesh sticked on shell you see.
mussels weren’t too bad though.

otah otah / omelette
otah was just norm. omelette could be thicker for more egg taste … i feel 😛

mussel / sushi
not much choices for sushi or maki

tasted kinda plain

sambal prawns
the sauce was good but not the flesh-stick-on-shell prawns

salmon sashimi / sushi
sashimi didn’t give out a satisfactory taste to me

omelette / fried tou fu / lor mai gai
nothing much for the other 2, but the fried tou fu was very NICE!!!!
the texture was just like those smelly tou fu (臭豆腐), rough on the outer layer but soft and smooth inside.

bread pudding / cakes / pie / chocolate fondue
basically their desserts and cakes were quite nice

more bread pudding
2nd round for us … and add on with cream 😀

ice creams!!!
simple ice creams were just as nice 😉

Ultimately I was the one footing the bill … ya, treating them paying a total bill of S$128.06 ~_~||

开心就好勒嘛 … but not that frequent though 😛

We simply walked around FEP and ION, and ended taking a break at starbucks (I treated again) before leaving for the day.

大妹 was the happiest gal of the day cos she was the only one who returned home with 战利品 😉

I only bought myself these masks 😀

newly released/brought in

Tai-Tai-ish Day With Sis : Hi-Tea @ Carousel

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