(repost) Pulau Babi Bersa (26-27 Oct 96)

Pulau Babi Bersa, an island lies off the eastern coast of Peninsula Malaysia in the South China Sea. The island boasts beautiful beaches, clear, coral-filled water and virtually unpopulated jungle.

Palau Babi Bersa also owes much of its fame to the vividly hued coral reefs, teeming with technicolour marine life, that sit offshore. Butterfly fish, angel fish, and black grouper, to name but a few, make this island an underwater photographer’s heaven. The permanent population on the island is low, and locals are usually outnumbered by tourists. June and August are the peak tourist months, but during the heavy November to January monsoon the island is almost deserted.

Just a short ferry ride from Mersing, the island is an outstanding dive destination. A full range of accommodation is available on the island.  It is a beautiful island with white sand, coves, and superb clear waters for water activities such as snorkeling, diving, and fishing. Comfortable chalet-style accommodations are available on the island, and equipment for recreational can be hired.

After the trip to Hong Kong in September that year, I suddenly have the urge to travel around. One of my friends, MC, suggested this island called Pulau Babi Bersa. As other than Malacca, which I will go every year, I have not been to any other states in Malaysia. The idea of spending a lots of money for a holiday in some other islands like Desaru, Tioman …after spending so much in Hong Kong, we decided to go to the island suggested. The whole trip doesn’t cost us much. Only slighly more than S$100 (RM$170 then). So on one of the Saturdays in October that same year, 5 of us set off to Pulau Babi Bersa.

We reached there at night in speed boat. Luckily for us, that current isn’t that great on that night.

On approaching the island, we saw a very nice nightview of the island. But too bad, we did not have enough hands to take a good photo of it, as we were busy gripping the boat (afraid to fall off the boat mah!) ^_^

We get to stay in a room for 10 but at the price for 5.  It was quite cold at night too as the monsoon is near.

We couldn’t do much when we reached there as it was quite dark then. 

However, we could still catch some small crabs then. Some are small big as your palm, and some as be as smaller that that. But I’m too scared to catch any, as they were crawing everywhere. And by any chance, you might even stepped onto the hole that they made on the beach. There is not only one but lot more holes around.  So the only thing I can do is to take photos of the ‘catching process’.

Nevertheless, it was fun as you will be running wild.

It wasn’t until the next morning that we could really have a good look of the island. Saw the second hut on the right? Yap! That’s where we stayed.

Look at the beach there! The water are very clear. We could even see the corals and tropical fishes very clearly. I can say that it can be compare to the Gold Coast in Australia (though I never been there before :P).

This is taken from the top level of the hut we stayed.  Nice view hah!

Look at my friends! They are all have a nice time snookering in the sea. It was my first try then, it’s really fun. We picked a lot of sea shells too.

Look at how clean the beach is!

The water are very clear too!

Pulau Babi Bersa Sunset

Before the rain


The above post 1st appeared on 6 Sep 1999 in the old homepage(website) of mine which had been closed since 26 Oct 09.

(repost) Pulau Babi Bersa (26-27 Oct 96)

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