Foodie Tai-Tai-ish Day With The Gals!

Ms Pilot requested for a tai-tai-ish day after her exam in the morning, and since her last paper will be 2 wks later. But when such a request from someone who ‘flown plane’ very often, they couldn’t blame me from re-ensuring few times before I finally took my previous half day leave.

No choice, once bitten twice shy, moreover I had been bitten many time, swollen liao 😀

CL was sick and couldn’t join us at the last hr. Thought only NL, Ms Pilot and me, but AG joined us too. PL who went for her rebonding were supposed to meet us for afternoon tea, but who knows it took her almost 5hrs+ to have everything done @_@ And so ended up meeting us for dinner where JT joined us after finishing her work too 😀

Suddenly so many ppl 😮

Snacky time!

I was told 4fingers selling very nice and yummy chicken winglets and so decided to try them for themselves.

limited seats in the restaurant

but there are more seats at the nearby common seating area

ask for free sample wor … paiseh leh 😛

electronic indicator for collection at the counter when orders are ready
but we don’t see any light blinking or lighted up calling for us 😛

12pcs combo mixed (S$16.95)
kinda ex. we ordered mixture of soya and spicy ones.
can’t really differentiate between the 2 when they were mixed together in the box @_@
not too special about the different taste which seemed alike but they were finger-licking good in some way
if only they can marinate with lesser sauce cos it was a bit saltish

the fries were just like those shaky fries from mac
ms pilot said the fries were bigger when she 1st had them
well …

the dipping sauce, thai sauce (i think) and some kind of mustard sauce
they don’t seemed to enhance our food much and so we tried mixing them together 😛
anyway I think it’s more tasty to eat the food on their own 😀

These were only appetisers to our afternoon tea 😛

So before we headed off to the next location, we walked around the food hall and ended buying things from eu yan sang.

eu yan sang good hope rooibos tea S$25.05 after 5% disc

with the other S$80+ of eu yan sang purchase by ms pilot, we redeemed this voucher 😉

grabbed yami yogurt along the way 😛

We had planned to have our afternoon tea with 3 tiers servings of pastries under this kind of english style cafe atmosphere. As neither call reservation nor on-the-spot waiting list is allowed, we could only try luck on the day itself.

Frankly speaking, though it had a nice atmosphere which was surrounded by many tea related products and deco, the small cafe was quite warm with little aircon feel. So if you were heated up and in need of ‘peace’ to cool down, it may not be a good choice 😛

As mentioned, it was too warm to be queuing inside the cafe waiting for any available table for the 5 of us (it was 3.30pm then but we were surprised to see so many ‘free’ ppl around :P), we decided to forgo the wait and proceed to NAC where we settled down at Imperial Treasure for their dim sum instead.

boat congee (S$6.80)
i ordered in cantonese 艇仔粥, ms pilot thought i was ordering 田鸡粥 and almost refused to eat … kekeke …

deep fried beancurd skin (S$4.20)

prawn dumpling salad (S$4.20)

bbq pork rice roll (S$4.60)
the rice roll can be thinner and smoother

you tiao rice roll (S$4.60)
NL said she loved to eat this, esp when she was in HK, she ate them almost everyday 😮
but hor, i dun really find anything special with this 😛

chicken feet (S$3) / bbq pork bun (S$3)
braised chicken feet were ms pilot and my fav! our must order 😉

scallion pastry (S$2.80)

bbq pork pastry (S$3.30)

steam minced pork dumpling (S$3.60)

pan fried shanghai pork bun (S$3.30)
hmm … the gals were always crazy with this order
tasted normal to me leh 😛

r.f. cake/pork & cabbage (S$6.80)
ordered by AG. basically don’t know what was it
something like bee hoon kuay with lots of vege but doesn’t tasted as nice

pan fried chestnut cake (S$2.80)

steam custard bun (S$3.60)
the custard inside tasted a bit like salted egg york
quite nice. but do becareful after one bite of it cos the custard easily flow out from the bun :S

Gosh! I only ticked once on the “boat congee” box and was shocked to receive non-stop servings of dim sum @_@ I forgotten to vet thru the list before passing over to the waitress ~_~|||

And I thought the 4 of us couldn’t finished them all … but I underestimated the power of our stomachs 😛

Time for a good stroll around the mall after such heavy meal.

agnes b having sales!
S$235 for small tote and S$265 for bigger tote … both before 30% less
but none of us bought any
can’t possibly grab any when there is no need for it … even though there are great discounts around 😀

Support towards sustainable environment, k?

Don’t understand? You may want to refer to some books on “saving our earth” at kino 😉

But then, there was “A Shoes & Bags Affair” fair going on at the taka sq B2 too 😛

Ok, time to meet up with PL and JT at ION.

They were hungry and so we settled down at fish & co. I shared the food equally with them too 😉 I have HIGH metabolism you see 😛

our fav hot fudge cake again! 😉

seafood platter for 2 (3 in the end :P)

additional orders of squids
it was of the same from the platter
it was nice, but when there were too many … :S

We aimlessly window-shop around ION (again) and ended up at xin wang for a drink … I thought :S

tried this mango ice for the 1st time
the taste seems kinda artificial though it still tasted nice and sweet
I still preferred mei heong yuan’s one
btw they opened a (super) small branch at the food hall of ION too!

And then off we went home sweet home ^____^

short of NL’s foot as she left from the other direction

Foodie Tai-Tai-ish Day With The Gals!

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