Famous Muar Fish Otah – Xiao Mei

Talking about otah (or otah-otah or otak-otak), this is the best I ever ate.

Those I ever came across were either stingy with the ingredients or less flavoury curry taste. Some only came with slight hint of fish taste.

This one however is different.

They were generous with the ingredients. Bits and pcs of mackerel bites can be found embeded inside the mixed fish paste with moderate spiciness.

妈咪’s must-buy when she go to muar. This time round she got her friend to buy back 10 pkts of it @ RM6 each, but was soon distributed out to 大小妹, leaving a few pkts for me — 爹地 not interested at any so they were all mine 😀

妈咪 said they have to place order via the tour cos this <Xiao Mei> wasn’t sold at any shop. How true I don’t know 😛

Anyway, other than steaming it and pair it with a bowl of rice, one can steam or fried it together with the eggs.

P/S: I like those thin slice of otah wrapped inside banana leaf, bbq under charcoal fire too. One of the must for any bbq event 😉

Famous Muar Fish Otah – Xiao Mei

25 thoughts on “Famous Muar Fish Otah – Xiao Mei

    1. yixuanpm says:

      I have asked my mum, she said they always get them through their tour guide who will ask for orders before returning back. Those tour groups went in muar to pray very often and so we managed to tag on for orders sometimes.

      Sorry, can’t help 😦

  1. doraemonsg says:

    I agree that Xiaomei otak is the best i have ever tasted. Andrew, the address is 100-3 jalan hashim, 84000 Muar, Johor. However, i have never been to the shop but rather, when i’m in muar, i’d stop at any of the petrol station within muar town and call them to send it over to me. (tel:06-9523-430)

  2. Peng says:

    There is a Xiao Mei outlet in Yong Peng. The driver of the coach took order for us when we’re on the Norht-South Highway. Can anyone give me either the address or telephone number of this outlet. My family tasted the otah and considered it the best. The company is very generous with the ingredient especially the fish otah.

    1. MICHAEL WONG says:

      I intends to bring in Xiao Mei fish otah into Singapore for distribution throughout the local market
      Kindly furnish me the address and the contact numbers Email/Wedsite.
      Appreciate it if you could furish us the price lists whereby we can retail it in our local market
      please notify me of the follow-up comments via email asap.

  3. Food Lover says:

    Xiao Mei otah outlet at YongPeng
    Tel: +607- 467 8778
    I can’t get the address…but the shop just opposite to Ming Ann bus station at YongPeng after you come out from YONG PENG TOLL UTARA

    GPS Coordinate: 2 0’25″N, 103 3’6″E

  4. I was in Melaka, and on my way home to Singapore swung by Muar to buy the delicious Otah, directly from the resident cum kitchen of “Xiao Mei”. I gotten the business card:

    Yong Peng Branch:
    012-677 7788 and 017-677 7788, Lot 8071-8075 JMYP, Jalan Muar, 83700 Yong Peng. “明安熟食閣對面“

    Muar Contact:
    06-952 3430 and 016-717 2323.

    I do not have the exact address in Muar, but I called them on the 1st number for directions. It’s very easy to find. The house is a modern two story bungalow beside the 中华基督小学, which you drive right in by a small side lane from the main road, Jalan Hashim. Even a road sotong like me managed to find it without breaking a sweat.

    Thanks for the write up or I could not have gone there to get some. 🙂


      1. Kori Heng says:

        I’m Kori yr otah is amazing can u support me my hp /85463033 Email:kori33@live.com People in Singapore gonna Love it

  5. Toh Chun ping says:

    So next time I go genting tour come I am sure buy fish otah 20个 bring home for my mother It really very nice cannot delivery huh

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