They Are United!

I had mac limited released Texas Chicken Burger at one of the 9 exclusive branches for lunch today.


Taste just like mcspicy. Only difference came from the oat dusted bun and the spicy tangy texas sauce. Overall, it was quite tasty but I dun really feel full after tat. Note tat it doesn’t come as a set meal.

The toy that caused unnecessary commotions early this yr has finally arrived!

The 1st 3 pcs started off from Tiger kicked off the set end last yr. During tat time I wasn’t aware tat ‘Pig’ (symbolised chinese horoscope yr of Pig) was replaced by a Cupid one.

I was rather sad then when I realised my set of chinese horoscope cun be completed … though the Cupid one was nice too.

So after the unnecessary commotions, they finally decided to come out with the Pig one but will have to wait till mid-Apr. And now, the Pig charm finally arrived! ^_^

They Are United!

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