BenTen Cafe @ Iluma

‘Incelebration’ of JJ and EN’s bds, we went for dinner at BenTen Cafe which we ‘aimed’ at last mth.

is there any relationship between this BenTen and the cartoon BenTen? i don’t know 😛

small serving of salad that came with set order

SM’s beef steak curry rice (S$12.80)

EN’s salmon steak curry rice (S$11.80)

BS’ teriyaki chicken curry baked rice (S$10.80)

JJ’s seafood curry baked rice (S$10.80)

SK’s seafood baked rice (S$10.80)

Ms Sotong’s hawaiian baked rice (S$10.80)

I tried a bit of their baked rice. Very fragrancy and cheesy 😉

my benten combo (S$13.80)
for a person who is scare of sizzling hotplate, this came just nice for me cos food was pre-cooked before serving onto the ‘not-hot’plate 😀
foodwise so-so only. nothing special.

garlic shrimp pizza (large – S$16.80)
their pizza was the only dish which we don’t like. pizza that didn’t taste like pizza but just a baked flat dough.
the shrimps and clams seemed to be out of place too, dry and cold, and easily dropped out from the pizza surface.

SC didn’t order any cos she was going for her 2nd round later on. But she shared a bit from here and there, which made her full enough 😀

This was what attracted us the other day when we passed by, and we were very much tempted to try it. But after having the main courses, some of them backed out cos they were simply too full. And since left just the 4 of us, we selected this instead.

choco syu ice parfait (S$6.80)
gosh! I can’t imagine how I can finish it alone … cos the serving was big too!
2-3 ice cream scoops with 2 ice cream puffs, some slices of fruits and a choco roll … yum yum ^_______^

I can’t say that the food was fantastic but it wasn’t too bad as a whole, with inexpensive dishes. Not bad a place for gatherings with friends. But all of us felt that the outside seatings with breezy wind would be much cooler than the greenhouse effect alike indoor seatings, unless the aircon can ‘fight’ the heat outside 😛

After meal activity — shopping @ bugis village! ^_*

It seemed like more changes had been made since the last I came by.

BS was a happy gal cos she managed to buy her slacks and a big donald duck head sequins top 😉

SM was a happy guy cos he finally knew how those tube dresses managed to stay onto the gals without dropping, how “corset” is spelt after we came across such a shop there, and whether those short silky sexy dresses are meant for normal wearings or sleeping. ***hahaha***

BenTen Cafe @ Iluma

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