Goodies from Penang

BS was back from her 4D3N penang trip with her family. How good …

Other than sharing what she saw and encountered there, she brought us some goodies too 😉

we called it mini dao sa pia (red bean biscuit)
these are sweet one, there are salty one though
i personally preferred salty ones 😀

georgetown 3-in-1 white coffee
SM said it tasted too sweet for him, which the rest find it acceptable
it came with thick fragrancy milky smell and taste
which i find it less sweetening as compared to old town white coffee 3-in1

espresso coffee chocolates
BS told us that just 1 pop of it can keep her wide awake
we tried … but still the same leh 😛
chocolate tasted just like those of van houten while the ‘seed’ inside appeared with a small bitter coffee bean

tiramisu dark chocolate
just like any normal chocolate
only difference came from the coco powder coating

So … when’s mine? 😦

Goodies from Penang

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