Nantsuttei @ PARCO Marina Bay

Basically it’s a 3 stories departmental store officially opened at millenia walk on the 31st mar.

It was said to be a shopping extravaganza for shopping enthusiasts, where it houses fashions, beauties, and lifestyles mainly from japan, with some from europe countries. Parco next Next on level 2 is however focusing more on fashions from local young designers.

full of funky and interesting stuffs here!

zakka and stationeries are good combinations

We were here today however not becos of those fashions, but specially for the oh-so-famous-in-japan ramen eatery on level 3.

many famous eateries from japan gathered here

NL and I reached 1st, but none of us know which one we were supposed to be going for 😛

We heard there will be long q here, but we were lucky to be the 1st of the upcoming q.

We noticed that even though there are seats available at the counter or tables that can fill up 2 person or less, it seemed to me that they would not allow ‘jumping’ of q and make sure everyone in the q were ashered in 1st-come-1st-serve basis — which would be quite good actually, if so.

simple wall decos with cutted out cardboards

saw the many interview articles pasted on the wall?

The menu is simple, where there are only 6 choices of ramen to choose from, 1 choice of rice, and gyoza being the only a la carte dish. They are even some pages that teach you how to enjoy the best of nantsuttei-style ramen.

how interesting ^___^

Nantsuttei served mainly rich-and-creamy tonkotsu soup ramen, where their basic ramen was the chashu ramen. The difference between each ramen was mainly on the toppings used.

Maru-toku Negi Chashu-men (S$17)

Ramen (S$12)

same ramen ordered with additional egg … additional S$1

Their noodles were very springy. Cha-shu (roasted pork) was thickly sliced and tender. The strong fragrant came from the black ma-yu (roast garlic oil) used, which floated on every dishes.

The pork bone broth came with very strong pork taste as though the whole marrow of the bone was pumped out. Which may be the reason for our thirstiness after sipping up everything 😛

we ordered Fuufu Enman Gyoza (S$6) to go with
the skin was thin with crispy edge
serving portion was moderate and so it wasn’t too filling for the stomach as a side order

we ended the day with foodcourt fare desserts to quench our thirst 😀

Nantsuttei @ PARCO Marina Bay

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