Amano Miso Soup & Nagasaki Castella

Some times ago, Orh Ju shared his box of freeze-dried miso soup pkts with us. I chose the freeze-dried miso soup with clam in shells among the others.

something different from normal instant miso soup that only came with vege, tou fu and seasoning

We wondered where he bought them from in spore. Still in search of it …


We received castella today.

Castella is japanese sponge cake, a specialty of Nagasaki. They usually came in matcha (green tea), brown sugar or honey flavours.

Nihonbashi Bunmeido is among the popular ones.

Fukusaya one is the other option if you planned to buy back as souvenier.

Cakes were ready-cut for easy consuming. Both come with strong buttery taste and more on the sweet side. It would be best to go with a cup of green tea (^__^)v

Amano Miso Soup & Nagasaki Castella

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