Good Friday Holiday @ Melaka

“I have returned!” from work at other state like dat … Mi didn’t even return from KL, but I was here again after 4 days 😛

This was actually pre-planned way before the earlier trip. A short get-away for Cat to put down her stressful mind, and a rare get-away for MZ who seldom went on trips — a 1st timer to melaka, and her 2nd trip to msia after the cruise to KL which I offered her to join in my company trip back in 2003 (that was like few hrs trip ashore) ~_~||

1st Apr, Thu

As usual, I bought early coach tix and reach MLK around noon time, so just nice for lunch 😛

1st Stop – Nancy Kitchen (just next to Eleven) @ Jonker St.

I read good reviews from some food blogs and so decided to try it for myself. But I would say I was rather disappointed.

There wasn’t any suitable table to accomodate 6 of us (Gr joined us too! :)), and so we were ushered up to the 2nd level instead.

nyonya cendol (RM3)
refreshing fragrancy cendol not to be missed. shaved ice was quite fine.

nyonya laksa (RM6)
another type of curry laksa
don’t be scared by the layer of oil, it wasn’t so oily after mixing and was quite nice

otak (RM10)
as compared to those otahs from muar, these failed in taste and fillings

fried mee (RM6)
fried fat yellow mee. nothing special.

they called it Top Hat (RM4.50)
the kueh pai tee weren’t crispy at all. the filling wasn’t crunchy too 😦

sambal kangkong (RM10)
this was oily and not spicy as it seemed to be

fried bee hoon (RM6)
another normal dish

chicken rendang (RM10)
recommended by the staff
not too bad, but it was kinda salty to eat it by it’s own … we didn’t order any rice serving 😛

As we foot our bill at the cashier, we came across a display of kuehs.

The kuehs were placed on opened shelvings against the old peeling wall, and that was where we spotted something which shouldn’t be appearing :S

A thumb-sized creature was camouflaging well among the kueh rempah udang, which was none other than the famous XIAO QIANG (cockroach)!!!! :S

Luckily we didn’t order any kueh to go along with, though Ah Ee told me theirs were good. Phew! ~_~||

This was located just few shops away. Heard this is where antique peranankan accessories can be found.

I had Mag detoured to Pure Bar just to show them the place we went crazy last sat 😛

2nd Stop – Hairnox Saloon (not “salon” mah?) @ Jln Melaka Raya

Finally I got my hair cut SHORT! kekeke…

So damn cheap! Just RM35 for normal wash, cut, blow. Best part was, I enjoyed almost 15mins of massaging from head till few inches above waist on the back (almost near my ticklish spot :P). It was so comfortably good that I felt like sleeping away 😉

Mag (though she cut hers on sun already) and Cat joined in too. Poor MZ simply sat aside waiting for 2 hrs 😛

3rd Stop – Dataran Pahlawan Mega Mall

Mag dropped us at the mall for our next ‘beauty’ work — medicure/pedicure, before she returned to work 😉

Both MZ and I did pedicure only while Cat did both 🙂

We shopped around the mall before settling down for some late snacks.

a bowl of mee sua @ shihlin again …

This Baker’s Boy (just like our Roti Boy) was good!

We tried their mexico durian flavoured bun (RM1.80). So crispy and tasty on the bun with durian fragrance inside.

4th Stop – Portuguese Settlement

I finally had my seafood dinner at portuguese settlement! I came here for a meal once when I was a teenager. The whole area was different back then, which had underwent a facelift some years ago.

I chose 88 seafront restaurant as I read some good reviews on it. The uncle representing the stall kept promoting theirs to us, stating that they are the true Kristang descendant from the village. Anyway whether it’s true or not, food comes first 😛

This dinner was pre-arranged before the trip cos I will be treating them 😉 … for whatever the reason, bonus or wat 😛

Every identical seafood dish was half the kg cooked in different styles/tastes.

note: it was very hard to take clear pix for some of them cos the table was too shaky with constant movements :S

lala green cilipadi (RM15)

lala sambal (RM15)

The lalas were tasty but a bit saltish maybe becos they weren’t soaked long enough in clean water before cooking. Anyway I was the only one left to clear them all cos the rest ate very little on this. I really appreciated Ah Ee and Cat’s helps in emptying out the fresh from all the shells 😉

butter/garlic prawns (RM35)

sambal prawns (RM35)

I would preferred butter/garlic ones to sambal ones. The fried garlic bits smell/taste weren’t too strong. Quite nice overall. But somehow, the prawns were mixed with unfresh ones cos some sticked to the shells.

P/S: 妈咪 and Ah Ee’s version were nicer 😉

baked fish (900gm – RM36)

Nothing special actually. I was expecting portuguese baked fish (the kind I ate in macau) and not this kind of bbq sambal fish 😦

sotong fritters (RM20)

The batter was quite light in taste and crispy too. If only there was tar tar sauce to go with … and if we were not too full 😛

bendi belacan (lady fingers) (RM8)

mixed vege (RM8)

We had to order some vege dishes to ‘balance’ the high cholestrol + calories meal 😛 I don’t find them nice though.

— from separate stalls —

fried chicken wings

They were big and crispy. But we didn’t managed to finish all cos we were all full to the rim 😛

mango juice (RM1)

This refreshing drink was highly recommended by Kao Fu when he was here in spore. The original sweetening taste of the fruit. If only they could throw in mango cubes too 😉

5th Stop – Dream Box

I had never been to any karaoke in msia before. The whole concept was very much towards our KBox, but with room so much bigger and soooooo much cheaper!

RM30++ per hr rate under SP’s membership 😉
we were too full for their buffet though

They gave us a room equivalent to our big room here for just the 4 of us @_@ Their karaoke system were mounted onto the wall. The selection screen was kinda too far … unless you have a super clear eyesight :s And do remember to bring your sweater along if you planned to come here. The aircon was centralised control and so you can’t tune it lower even if it was soooooo cold!!! *** cold cold cold cold ***

We sang till 11pm with no extension cos Mag still need to work the next day — they have no Good Friday lo …

2nd Apr, Fri

1st Stop – Jln Kampung Empat

We waited for our sleeping beauty Ju to wake up before we set off for ‘breakfast’ near 11am @_@ for some nyonya pratas at a coffeeshop under this Huey Lai Association / Wine & Spirit Association building beside Pay Fong Sch.

nasi lemak catering style
choose the food you like and pay accordingly at the counter
i find the food kinda stale and cold :S

nyonya prata
i couldn’t make out the difference but it seemed that indian prata dough came thicker and more flavoury, which I preferred 😉

Cat was backed off with cold and heaty food, and so chose to order the ban mian instead.

ban mian which tasted too bland and powdery :S

Time for a proper historical walk for the gals 😉

2nd Stop – Jonker St / Heeren St / Dataran Pahlawan(again)

Cat wasn’t in the mood cos she was frustrated with the heat which resulted in slight migraine. But we had to move on cos it was MZ’s 1st trip here and she SHOULD have the right to walk thru those historical trails.

bought these paper dolls along the way 🙂

I thought they were hinting to me that they had been eating a lot these 2 days and was scared that I would suggest another food break :(. Actually I did had the thought of trying out the satay recommended on a food blog. And so with that, I decided to forgo it. Who knows both complained of hunger halfway thru our shopping, and so I had to call for ‘ambulance’ 😀

3rd Stop – Ming Sate (Satay) Hut @ Plaza Mahkota

Ju and Mag misunderstood me. They thought I wanted to try theirs, which made no diff from any reheat from frozen pkt :S

chicken sate (RM0.60 per stick)

pork sate (RM0.60 per stick)

I had wanted to try their intestine and liver ones but they didn’t have them that day 😦

celery juice … good for lowering of blood pressure … including migraine 😛

After the late snack, we headed off to buy movie tix for tonite. Gosh! It was only RM8 per tix. If not for the time constraint, I wanted to catch another movie too 😛

“3/18 definately will show”
wat a promo tagline @_@

This part hor … was just someone wanted to court someone so that day that someone sms-ed me all the way from spore to help him by buying a bouquet of (given choice of red/pink/blue) flowers and give to the someone.

“Have a nice weekends” was to be written on the card ~_~|||

It seemed hard to find florist around, but luckily Mag’s contacts are ‘BIG’ … kekeke … she managed to order the flowers and we headed off to collect under the drizzling sky.

To safeguard the big bouquet of flowers which was hindering my movements at the passenger seat infront, Mag (the driver) had to get off the car instead to get the milk powder 大妹’s ‘ordered’.

We were finally back at Ju’s hse … to give her the BIG surprise! 😉

bouquet of flowers = RM120
2x milk powder pkt = RM150

RM150 = an infant’s 3 wks meal
RM120 = … hmm … ***kekeke***

4th Stop – Movie Nite @ GSC

It was Good Friday today, and according to them, rain will clean us all on this day as we had sinned. ‘True’ enough, it rained almost the whole of the evening, and so we couldn’t bring MZ to jonker walk for dinner. Instead we grabbed hotdogs from the cinema counter and had it inside before the movie starts.

Heard we had 1901 hotdog here in spore before, but I had never heard of it :p We ordered beef and chicken hotdogs. The bread was too hard. If only they can put them in oven for awhile more.

<Just Another Pandora’s Box>, a real nonsensical movie ever watched in cinema @_@ The scenes simply jumped from one era to another era with blurred linkage.

What surprised me was the many big shots in this movie. Specially those rarely on screen nowsaday artistes like Athena Chu and Ada Choi, who appeared barely 5mins or so.

无缘主演 (not fated to take part in this movie) namelist was even listed out at the beginning of the movie 😮 I managed to catch a glimpse of Maggie Cheung’s name among the list 😛

Cat seemed unhappy with the wastage of $$ cos it was too nonsensical and bored to her that she slept away 😛 She had wanted to watch <When In Rome> but was not available. Given the next available one <Beauty on Duty> with Charlene Choi and Sandra Ng, she said she doesn’t like them :S Nothing much I could do then but to follow the majority 😀

5th Stop – Pak Putra Restoran @ Tmn Kota Laksamana

Supper time!

They had been telling me how nice their tandoori chicken was. But it was sold out by the time we arrived. And so we ordered nasi lemak, cheese naan and butter chicken instead. Sounds guilty rite? 😉

This nasi lemak was slightly ‘wet’ with strong banana leaf fragrance, which came with generous amt of sambal chili and fried egg. The basic dish which was sooooooooooo much nicer that the one we had in the morning 😀

The tandoor baked naan was oh-so-yummy which didn’t taste too floury. The cheese used didn’t taste too guilty too 😉 I wondered what cheese was that.

This butter chicken dip went well with the naan. There were chicken bites inside too.

Initially Cat was shocked to hear what we had ordered (heaty food again!) but was soon digging into the food with no complaints 😮 And so we decided to order another set 😀 (ok, next time shall try the tandoori chicken itself!)

3rd Apr, Sat

1st Stop – Hong Kee @ Jln Tun Perak

We set off slightly earlier for our breakfast at Hong Kee coffeeshop for their recommended pork rib mee.

pork rib mee (RM3.80)

I thought it should be served with bones like what we had here, but theirs was different. It was more like pork chop mee to me. Overall the dish was quite nice. They used broad flat mee instead. One thing different from ours was, their taste wasn’t as strong as ours. It was good as a light breakfast meal.

2nd Stop – Bukit China Soya Bean House @ Jln Kota Laksamana

Since we still had a bit of time to ‘waste’ before heading off to Bandaraya Melaka SC to meet the other 3 gals, we detoured to kota laksamana for our desserts 🙂

We were too early cos they were not ready to open for biz as their soya bean could only be ready in another 15mins time 😦

As we were about to leave for the SC, the 3 sisters happened to be in the vicinity and so we decided to wait for the soya bean to be ready 😛

plain tau fu fa (soya bean curd) (RM2.20)
cat said it was soooooo soft and smooth. she enjoyed it very very much 🙂

tau fu fa with pumpkin (RM3.50)
omg! i was soooo full after this!
their speciality but i preferred without the pumpkin 😛

mua chee (RM3)
served hot and so the glutinous rice balls were very soft
not only did they coated them with grinded peanuts but also grinded sesame seeds, that explained the strong fragrance

bukit china fried tofu (bean curd) (RM3.80)
best! it was crispy on the outside and so soft on the inside.
sure need some skill to cook this 😀

soy milk with riceballs (RM3.50) / tau fu fa with ginger juice (RM2.80) / egg sandwiches (RM2.80)

3rd Stop – Jonker St

We were told that there was a nice tart bakery around at jonker, and so after we swiftly grabbed our goodies from san shu gong, we walked down few shops and arrived at this Tart Tart Bakery.

There were quite a variety of flavours to choose from, and we bought chocolate cheese (RM2.60), cheese tart (RM2.60) and portuguese tart (RM1.70) to consume during the journey back. Maybe they were best to be taken fresh, cos the taste was quite stale. There was a kind of weird smell coming from the cheesy tarts, while the portuguese tart base was too soft, thus none of us like it.

As we walked back to Mag’s car, we spotted a long q.

No wonder! They were queuing for one of the famous chicken rice stall at Chung Wah Coffeeshop. I doubt they were locals 😛

Mag detoured into another road inorder to show me the satay stall which might be the one I had referred to.

Yes! This was it! We shall come here next time! 😉

Gosh! There was a slight jam here. It was no wondered why they hate to come out on a weekends especially to those places where many tourists (sporeans more) and those holidayers from other states frequented 😀

4th Stop – AEON Bandaraya Melaka SC

Cat and MZ managed to grab some stuffs here. I just bought this teddy scent 😛

Last stop before we set off home.

The branch at Bus Sentral had closed down and reopened at this SC instead, which was just nearby (by car … not cah :P).

When was the last time I had my A&W meal?

Nothing special actually. Just for reminiscing purpose and had our fav. root beer float 😉

Finally it was time to bid goodbyes to them 😦

Our coach set off at 3pm, roughly an hr down the journey, we reached a toilet pt. As our coach was about to set off, we were informed that the aircon on the coach wasn’t working. The aircon was so cold before that and now it was spoilt! ~_~|| So nothing much we could do but to endure the stuffiness with slight ventilation coming from the ventilating holes on the bus top. Luckily it was raining that afternoon and so not too warm.

We were just about 15-20mins on the road after the resting pt when we got into a tracffic jam … on the highway! Never before had I encountered that along this highway. With the current situation on the coach, the driver drove along the road shoulder and managed to get thru the jam after 30mins.

The jam was caused by a car accident on the other direction actually.

The driver speeded from then on and managed to reach the custom earlier than we expected.

Well … “a stuffy man is an angry man” … and there were whole coach of them 😛


The objective of this trip was simple, for both Cat and MZ to enjoy and relax themselves as much. But I was quite disappointed with my planning this time.

I totally forgotten to consider better and healthier choices of food for Cat due to her health problem. But none of such appeared in my ‘melaka food dictionary’ :S

MZ was kind enough to tell me that she enjoyed the trip. But I still think there are more places where she can covered, if not for some unforseen circumstances.

Good Friday Holiday @ Melaka

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