My 1st Drive-In Trip To Melaka

26 (Fri nite) – 27 (Sat unearthly hr) Mar

I had already booked the coach in early this mth for a Good Friday retreat with Cat and MZ when 小妹 asked me if I wanted to join them for this trip, which I only confirmed with them 3 days prior to it 😛

I took half day for this trip cos I was told they would depart around 3pm. But who know BIL-A couldn’t make it at the last hr. Anyway, by the time we set off, it was going 9pm.

we had nice roti prata at the coffeeshop before we set off on the road

The last I travelled in thru private car was many many yrs ago when the whole family went in for CNY via the-then-used-to-be-illegal private taxi (霸王车). It is legalised now.

We were all on the look out as the vision on the road was rather dim at night. Ja and Ga took turns to drive. While Ja drove on the safe side, Ga ‘bravely’ drove thru in order to ‘shorten’ the duration of the journey :s

After the 2.5hrs journey, we finally arrived safely at the toll plaza. We decided to find our way to Ju’s estate from there on, based on 小妹 and my memory … though there was a small hiccup at a spilt junction 😛

No! We were not retiring upon reaching, but it was just the start of our trip. And so it’s supper time !!! 😉

Old Village Satay Celup @ Jln Ong Kim Wee was ‘newly’ opened (a yr or so). See! Another “OLD” … how uncreative arh! 😀

The satay celup here was quite ‘clean’ though not much of varieties left, and there weren’t many patrons around when we arrived, maybe becos it was near their closing hr, cos by the time we stepped out around 1am, they started to off their signboard light.

After our late supper, we headed off to chill out at Eleven Bistro Restaurant @ Jonker where we started to drink and played the-stupid-yet-fun card game 😛

He wasn’t trying to swear at anyone, but having no experience as Mi in opening a bottle cap via a lighter, he got cut by the cap edge instead. Hohohoho ~~~

Super late supper at Hajjah Mona Asam Pedas @ 6 Tmn Kota Laksamana before we headed off hm to sleep 😀

nasi lemak with ikan asam pedas — a perfect match! ^__^

They may not be the best, with no fragrance from the nasi lemak (rice), the ikan (fish) however tasted not too bad which was more on the soury side than spicy. There were many patrons even at this late hr — 3am+ liao you see! 😉

27 (Sat morning) – 28 (Sun unearthly hr) Mar

With barely 6hrs of sleep, we were on the go again 😉

My 2nd trip to Donald & Lily behind jonker for their nice nyonya food … as our breakfast. Kinda spicy for breakfast huh ~_~||

While they ordered their coffee and tea, I had my tasty and fragrancy chendol instead 😛

ayam pongteh’s chicken meat was soft but kinda dry
the potatos didn’t seems cooked enough and so tasted quite raw

just took a little from the asam fish to try so can’t comment much 😛

SP and SY joined us at Mahkota Parade.

I left all of them behind with Mag for our planned haircut, but inorder not to waste an hr of waiting at the salon, I decided to return back for the cut during my next trip instead.

And so off we joined the rest at the Restoran S Hin @ Plaza Melaka.

Not knowing what to order, I followed Mag’s choice and ordered a glass of 3-coloured Drink (三色水).

Whao! It was a sweet and fragrancy drink as gula melaka was used instead of sugar. What a nice cooling drink in this hot afternoon 🙂

When the rest had no idea what to order, Ju mentioned that their fried bee hoon, fried hor fun and fried kuey teow were nice and yummy, though she ordered the nice crispy butter sandwiches for herself instead 😀

But I would preferred my Burger! 😉

Few slices of cucumber and onion ring with fried egg atop the chicken fillet wrapped with the charcoal-ed bread. Well …, picture speak a thousand words and so here’s 2 😉

Ja had a lots of coins which he can ‘waste’, and so some of us started to dig out coins from our pockets to contribute to our bill 😛

Next — to the newly opened mega mall of the yr, AEON Bandaraya Melaka Shopping Centre, which also housed a 3 stories mall-in-mall JUSCO that covered more than a quarter of the whole mall.

It was located very near to the Bus Sentral and came with a very big car park infront. It was supposed to open end last yr but was deferred due to a major fatal explosion incident at the mall.

It was a 3 stories mall with many fashion boutiques around, where one stretch of it selling all sort of shoes just next door to each other. I didn’t fancy any while 小妹 bought a pair of crocs for 妈咪. They said it was cheaper here.

Restaurants were all gathered at the ground level. But we went for none as another agenda awaited us 😉

Hawker fare food on the go!

SW and SP were spotted with their orders of cold and hot peanuts tong shui (花生汤).

I think I will bring them to the famous 75 peanuts tang yuan here in spore when they come — they will sure love it! 😉

kuih lobak radish cake they called, which was basically our fried carrot cake (菜头粿) selling @ RM4
i like it black like this … though it will means sweet
their wasn’t too greasy and so, well … I like it, esp when it fried with generous amt of eggs 😉

hakka yam coin (算盘子 abacus beads) @ RM3
yam taste wasn’t strong enough, but it wasn’t too bad as a snack on the move

grilled fish from the same stall @ RM3
if only it was thicker with more fresh. but of cos with RM3 only, we can’t ask for more 😛

They ordered wanton mee (i didn’t try) and assorted yong tau foo from the same eatery as peanuts tong shui.

the yummy fish balls and sotong balls were big and springy

S Kao Fu was here with his family for the tomb sweeping on the early morning next day. And so we gathered awhile before heading off to Pure Bar for a chilling-crazy nite 😉

of cos not here. but the catchy nonsensical wordings simply caught my eyes.
drink beer to save on water … what a way to promote ~_~|||

It was 2am+ by the time we left Pure Bar for another super late supper at Restoran Sri Tasik Utama @ Jln Panjang.

smooth and fragrancy teh tarik for me

and 2 pcs of the crispy pratas for me too 😉

BIL-A had 2 rounds of their fried maggi mee

28 Mar, Sun morning

Finally the day to set off … after our non-stop eating and drinking days(nites) 😮

We had our breakfast at Heng Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball @ Tmn Melaka Raya before we set off.

Ay … kinda early for such filling meal … (who suggested this har?)

my dunno how many trips here …

Driving under broad daylight gave better vision on the road. And zroom … off we went reaching spore in slightly 2hrs+.

P/S: Gosh! I had never drank so much alcoholic drinks in the whole of my life. Just this mth alone broke my records!! @_@

My 1st Drive-In Trip To Melaka

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