Restaurant Week Singapore : Michelangelo’s

2 weeks ago NL sent us an email regarding “Restaurant Week” promotion. CL and her were so excited about the whole thing and started making plans but din realised the restaurant week only starts on the week after.

NL was too optimistic of having a bigger dining grp for the dinner that she went ahead to book for 6 before asking for confirmations from the rest.

Anyway NL, CL, Ms Pilot (surprised!) and I went ahead with our plan to dine at Michelangelo’s after knowing our way there. It wasn’t too far actually. It was along Chip Bee Gardens, opp the holland village shopping centre.

I had been to Michelangelo’s twice in the past which was quite some yrs ago. Everything now seems so different from then. It has now become an opened concept restaurant with al fresco seatings.

I still remembered we were once told not to power-on our hp cos it will interrupt their wireless order placing pad. But it was a different case now.

And since today we were going for the restaurant week promotion, the menu was a fixed one at S$35++.

warm salmon carpaccio on bed of celeriac, with arugula and orange segments
salmon tasted exceptionally refreshing with the tangy taste from the orange juice

a rack of lamb with garlic prawn accompanied by soft polenta

The meat was very tough … tough for cutting up into pcs to pop into our ‘small’ mouth 😀 The whole meal of this tough ‘work’ caused my right hand to go numb and shaky too, and ended up mentally full but not physically 😛

We provided our ‘ordeal’ feedback to the manager who told us if the meat was fully cooked, it will be even tougher. Likewise if it was slightly cooked instead, it will be too bloody raw. And so served this medium rare one.

Well …

traditional italian tiramisu
very soft and fluffy, with hint of wine taste

prawn bisque

All in all we spent S$192.80, with their additional order of the prawn bisque each. It came with stronger taste than that of the prawn mee soup but in creamy form only, which I dun fancy 😀

We strolled along Chip Bee Gardens and stopped at The Daily Scoop for some innovative ice cream flavours to end the day 😉

Of the many flavours available, we chose black glutinous rice, simply chocolate, durian-durian and macadamia one. Not too bad but not as fragrance as those from Island Creamery.

Restaurant Week Singapore : Michelangelo’s

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