Dept Dinner @ The Line (Again)

We strongly supported this place for choice of our dept dinner. Further ‘threatening’ if we weren’t going this place, I will not join and will return hm to take care of 小王子 😛 He had and will be staying at my place from Fri nite till coming Wed afternoon while 大妹, BIL-T, and her PILs went for their 4D3N HK trip. The elderlys need to rest & relax oh …

Our team arrived earlier and while waiting for the rest, Orh Ju (one of the farewell-er who will be transfer back to hq) treated us drinks at the Lobby Court.

I ordered a chocoloco something which came as a set like this …

whipped cream, skim milk, marshmallow and chocolate powder

mixing the skim milk with the chocolate powder

just a beverage that taste like milo … luke warm only. and milo taste better :-\

rock cookie and very sweet macarons to go with the drinks

The feeling now was so different from the previous merrier dept dinner we had at the same place. Even the food spreads and dessert spreads were different.

No more mini slipper lobsters … no more ice cream tepanyaki.

Replacing with the disappointments, I had a big round of prawns, mini crab claws, and some oysters & mussels too.

And also tried all available flavours served in these mini ice cream tubs.

of the lot, only mango & raspberry ripple sorbet and peach & tamarind sorbet were much popular among us, the rest doesn’t taste too good :S

Here’s some shared dishes …

beef, mutton and chicken satays weren’t too bad. easily run out from the buffet table.
can simply eat them on their own … cos the sauce wasn’t too good anyway.

only tried the lotus leaf glutinous rice. quite tasty and flavoury.

the fish slices had no fishy smell and taste rather fresh too.
carrot cake however was a flop.

as for desserts, the crepe with nutella filling was the best among the other flavours chosen.
the creme caramel puree was a no no …

the usual farewell speech session

Why? All becos of this clip which is old-so-familiar in our office environment 😀

I was having slight migrane then and din really enjoy the whole meal.

I was worried how 妈咪 gonna make 小王子 sleep too. Cos I was wondering how 妈咪 gonna read story book to him … hahaha …


It was already past 10 and 小王子 was still waiting for me before he fell fast asleep in just 15mins. Poor 妈咪 … hahaha … ^____^

Dept Dinner @ The Line (Again)

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