LENAS @ Bugis Junction

LENAS, a newly opened Italian-American restaurant under MOF group of restaurants, was our choice of dining place tonite — ‘incelebration’ of Old Cow’s bd.

Love their cosy interior, esp those seats by the window.

Our starters … tasted just normal, nothing too special.

caesar salad (S$6.50)

potato wedges (S$5)

parmesan fries (S$6)

calamari frittos (S$7)

Here comes our main courses!

Ms Sotong’s bacon & mushroom baked spag (S$15)
looks cheesy rite? taste cheesy too 😉

EN’s hawaiian pizza (S$14)
basically shared 😛 not too bad. the base had those burned taste 😀

We were 20mins late for their 1-for-1 promotion 😦

SM’s beef bolognese (S$14)

1 pint beer (S$9.90 @ promo rate) ordered by SM too

JK’s spicy agilo olio with shrimps (S$13)

JK’s pompelmo (S$3.50)
sparkling water with grapefruit taste

BS’ grilled chicken with pesto (S$15)
quite a big portion :O

BS’ additional order of mushroom soup (S$6.80)

my seafood marinara (S$16)

SK’s change of sauce base — seafood marinara in creamy tomato (S$18)

Basically the food here was exceptable, though nothing special. Price wise was rather moderate too.

We were ‘supposed’ to ‘shop’ after our dinner, but EN and Ms Sotong left the grp for their 2nd round …

And so we just stroll around bugis junction/iluma and then to bugis village in search for the chewy tamarind, before crossing over to bencoolen street for our desserts at Ice Monster!!!

I had a hard time finding this shop which was tucked in the midst of the bz bugis village until BS showed us the way 😀

I heard it was famous in taiwan (jolin is the ambassador), so I had wanted to try theirs when they opened a branch here some yrs ago.

We chose to sit outside cos it was way too warm and ‘sticky’ inside :S

Not sure was it becos we came a bit too late, cos we were very disappointed with their desserts — kinda rush work on our orders.

durian and fresh mango shave ice with milk & sherbet ($8.50)
durian puree seems too watery. so when the ice melted too fast for us, the mixed taste from both fruits was weird :S

jumbo mixed fruit (kiwis, mangoes, strawberries and mango sorbet) shave ice (S$8)
taste was’t as fantastic as we thought it should be 😦 fruits didn’t tasted fresh enough.

Overall to say, shave ice was rather rough. As compared, Mei Heong Yuen one was still the best I ate so far.

We chanced upon Ben Ten Cafe’s jumbo ice cream at iluma when we bypassed the place earlier on. We shall try that the next time 😉

P/S: If you are wondering wat’s the diff between sorbet and sherbet, this interesting article may give you an answer 😉

In short to say, sorbet = fruit based / sherbet = dairy based 😛

LENAS @ Bugis Junction

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