Am in Wonderland

This nite JJ, BS, Ms Sotong, EN, SK, SK’s fren, and I arranged to watch Alice in Wonderland (3D).

It was my 1st time watching movie in 3D and so I tended to get very excited with the 3D glasses 😀 I’m a spectacles wearer and so it kind of hard for me to wear the 3D glasses on top of mine. But luckily it kind of hitch on well with mine and so I could more or less enjoy the movie with little movements allowed.

Nothing great about being 3D in this fairytales movie. There weren’t much big movements compared to Avatar which I din watch but heard the effect was great.

Anyway all I could say, this was only a so-so movie.

characters in the movie

and here’s the real selves

Before the movie, we grabbed our dinner at the foodcourt and noticed these ceiling decors which I find them interesting 🙂

So now you know wat to do with your unwanted utensils at home other than dumping them away 😉

Am in Wonderland

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