Oh Dear! They Are Here Again!

Hahaha! Not the kind of detest la … but with them around, we gals will strike again lor ^____^

Shop … eat … shop … eat … and shop … and eat …

But this time we had something different. Cos we had new ‘members’ 😀

We added ‘DRINK’ to our usual “Shop … Eat …” itinerary … even though their main agenda for the trip was to ‘play’ with the 3 kids.

And so with cars around, we were able to ‘bring’ them to some ‘new’ places 😉

These places are accessible by public tpt la … but u know how convenient certain places will be to access by car … not ‘cah’ (leg) har?

5 Mar, Friday

6 Mar, Saturday

The food here wasn’t too authentic. Mango salad tasted more like a bunch of vege with no tangy taste of mango. Fish cake and caramari weren’t too bad. Pineapple rice lacked of pineapple taste. No aroma from the claypot rice. Tom yam soup wasn’t too bad but too soury. Phat Thai was too wet with no taste except the rice noodles taste. Sound bad hor? 😛 Just so-so only …

They left for the afternoon coach today …

And that’s how I spent my weekends … drinking away @_@

Oh Dear! They Are Here Again!

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