Sick liao!

妈咪 went for her RC day trip over the weekends again.

The curry puff should be nicer if it is eaten on the spot.

I left the pkt of nasi lemak and otah otah till dinner time. But I guess I had made a mistake here, cos I was down with stomachache and nausea the next day 😦

The more I slept the more giddy I was. Even if I sat up, I still feel nausea. Am just feeling bad ……

And so, I intended to use up the full 2 days mc given to me.

妈咪 saw me with no appetite and so made this plain oak. I cun remember when was the last I ate such a plain one, but it became very yummy to me when all other delicacies couldn’t find their way in to my stomach.

The gals/guy had no luck cos if I’m not sick, I would have brought those snacks to ofc for sharing loh.

Or maybe they were actually ‘in luck’ ^_*

But heng CNY celebrations were over 😀

Sick liao!

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