BB Shower + CNY Gathering Part 2

水瓶公主弥月之喜 @ NorthWest

Initially they only thought of inviting a few closed ones and who knows … heard there were approx. 80+ ppl :O And so 2 rows of duplicated set of food catering.

BIL-T had quite a no. of muslim frens and colls, and so they decided to order halal catering. Food from Food Haven d’Catering was good! Everything tasted fresh and tasty. A new good try other than the frequent caterer (Neo Garden) we always went for.

It had became a big playground for kids as most were couples with kids of around the same age range. I could hardly play host as I was bz bb-sitting the 2 terrors. 小王子’s ‘real face’ revealed when he was with his cousin @_@

CNY gathering @ Far East

2 routes for me to choose. Either I take the train to pasir ris and change to bus, or take the train to yishun and change bus. I choose the lather. And heng enough, it only took me around 20mins to reach his hse 🙂

We planned for a small gathering among us but more ppl were invited other than our usual kakis … including an intruder :-\ And so he had to order catering.

I like the fried rice and the curry chicken. We even reheated the curry and ate with the french loaves after our game 😉 He ordered too much and so lots of leftovers.

CT made some nice kueh kosui for the mini party which was wiped out very fast!

During the journey from yishun to pasir ris, I came by the bottle neck village. How about this for our next FRC gathering? 😉

BB Shower + CNY Gathering Part 2

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