2 CNY Gatherings Part 1

Sometimes good thing happened at the same time … so are gatherings 😛

The Invitations

20 Feb
– CNY gathering @ Far East
– CNY gathering @ Far West

27 Feb
– BB shower @ NorthWest
– CNY gathering @ Far East

I should have asked for reshuffling of dates but 20th @ Far West and 27th @ NorthWest were fixed dates and all gatherings had been prior arranged on Sat (too time-consuming to refix a date), so no matter how, I had to travel to 2 extreme ends within a day :S

Nevertheless, except the fixed BB shower, the rest of the gatherings were rearranged to accomodate my timings 🙂

20 Feb CNY Gathering @ Far East

The gathering was initially planned to hold at my place. But considered 妈咪 who will be ‘bz’ with the new arrival, and to accomodate 18pax (11adults + 7kids) in my small hse, i decided to request for alternative venue for such.

So we ended up having steamboat @ Cat’s hse … with little attendance.

20 Feb CNY Gathering @ Far West

This is something which I looked forward to 😛

We provided such good feedbacks since our last yr trip and so this yr round the rest decided not to miss the trip ^_*

Too bad SC (cny visiting at hm) and EN (‘escaped’ overseas!) couldn’t make it 😛

I couldn’t make it for the crabby feast of the evening last yr as 雷门 were rushing to leave (i will be alone if i dun follow so 😦 ). This yr we 霸占-ed the table for almost 2hrs feasting on everything on the table including the CRABS!!!! I heard there were 2-3 big rattan baskets of live crabs waiting to serve everyone 😛

Since we were not arranging any lou hei at any restaurant this yr, and since our own kakis attendance were quite full, we decided to grab the middle sized yusheng set (S$34.65) from sakae sushi.

Vege were crunchy and good, while salmons were still quite fresh despite being stored in freezer for hrs.

Everyone was in a high mood and we chatted till 11+ before we finally called it for a day. And tat’s only part 2 for BS’ relatives :O

2 CNY Gatherings Part 1

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