Preparations for CNY

Meet up with Cat for dinner at Shokudo again.

unagi tofu salad (S$9.80)
unagi is soft and sweet while tou fu is soft and cold … quite a nice combi in the salad 🙂

i ordered back my fav. shokudo chicken chop

Cat changed the tsukune carbonara spag into tomato sauce one

Eyed some stuffs some times ago and decided to get them for cny 😛

replacing the 13yrs old dish holder

easy-to-keep foldy stool (S$13.90)
小王子 can sit on it for his meal at the small coffee table

After our dinner, we went down to Clementi for her eyebrown trimming.

rimpy beauty art

This shop was super. Many yrs back they were only renting a small space outside the shop (cun remember wat shop was it previously) with 1 or 2 chairs around and a reused filing cabinet as their storage cabinet. Many ppl started to flock down thru words of mouth. But they are fast with their hands and so seldom queues are formed. Think 1 or 2 yrs later, they finally took down the shop space. Cat frequented the shop since those days. It costs S$5 per trip and takes less than 10 mins (5mins possible too) for a good trim.

Preparations for CNY

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