Curry Favor @ Stamford House

Exchanging of ordered barangs time, and so we arranged for the collection via a dinner together at curry favor.

Obviously curry is the main theme on the menu, and it’s japanese curry to be exact.

stuffed mushroom (S$14.90)
we shared these. firm and juicy.

chicken katsu curry (S$12.90)

I ordered this. Basically nothing much to shout about. Curry was warmed (only) and not enough for me to fill up my plate of rice. Well … i like to wet them up with curry :P, which the curry was too starchy to be mixed well with and lacked of fragrance (due to lack of coconut milk to cater to the healthier grp). Unlike most jap curry which I came acrossed, theirs came with a little hint of spiciness with slight sweetness.

The meat was however full to the mouth. Crunchy on the outside and tendering on the inside.

katsu curry (S$13.90)

chicken stewed curry (S$12.90)

pork stewed curry (S$13.90)

Tried abit of their stewed dishes which seemed better cos they weren’t tat dry for my taste.

If I was to return, it will be the cosy environment that attracted me.

there are some board games and books available on their shelves too


furnitures of histories to tell …

taken at the lobby of stamford hse

NL and PL found them too errie to go near to … but i have likings for such victoria furnitures 😛


The barangs I collected today …

S$53.50 less 10% dis from kino card

going to be on Lomo craze soon ~_*

got to seek the expert for help 😛

S$15.50 less 10% dis from kino card

care bears craze in japan!

i wished for this … where to get har? 😀

Curry Favor @ Stamford House