Birthday Yo! (Sotong Ver.)

As always, Fri mornings are my ‘peak’ hours, rushing thru preparations for the weekly mtg. And esp when I’m taking afternoon leave which left not much time for me to clear some work after the mtg.

Someone had been calling me up every now and then early in the morning. Reasoning being, … they are going to deliver something attentioning to me but the delivery man dun seems to know where to come up to my ofc from ~__~

It was supposed to be a surprise delivery to me but ended up making me frustrated. Cos best part was, I had to be at the door to ensure that the delivery man get to the right main door @_@

I just wondered. Being a delivery man (or not), he should know whether the lift from loading bay goes up to the office levels, or just up to the ground floor lobby and swtich to those lifts up to the office levels. And well, he was ‘strucked’ at loading bay area when the security guard told him the lift doesn’t go to level XX.

Moreover, we covered the whole level of tat commercial bldg (whether he knows or not initially, upon arriving at each level, it was clearly stated at the list of companies board just beside the lifts). Which is the main door, shouldn’t it be obvious? (only 1 fully open-viewed door with reception table, the rest all blocked of office view)

The ‘best’ thing asked was, … “is your office open today”. ***Dumbed!***

So since I was at the main door receiving the bouquet of flowers and bear, I silently bring in the stuffs and placed it on my desk. Even when I left the ofc with it, no one noticed 😛

So much for a surprise. But then still … thks to “Hello Kitty”. I guess I know who she is 😉

updated 25-Jan

it was shared by not only Cat, but oso MZ and LC. thks gals 😉

Birthday Yo! (Sotong Ver.)

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