My Birthday Dinner Gathering @ Chili’s

As always, CL, NL and EK celebrated for me! Thks so much gals! ^___^

Mexican cuisine is unusually rare on our ‘mealing’ list. We decided to venture out their food after reading much reviews on blogs.

love their tiled table top

We tried out these …

wings over buffalo S$13.90
the sauce/paste used on the wings made it so salty :S

classic nachos S$17.90
best of the lot. mixed with sour cream, cheese and beef bits on every chip …
taste almost similar to those thin thin pizza. o so yummy!

full rack of Grilled Baby Back Ribs – honey-chipotle S$32.90
I prefer those at tony roma and cafe cartel, it’s salty here 😦

buffalo chicken fajitas S$24.90
all fajitas served with warm tortillas, house-made pico de gallo, mixed cheeses and sour cream
with buffalo wings, ribs and then this, I had to wash my throat with few glasses of water cos their saltiness was making me very thirsty

Is mexican food supposed to be so saltish? :S

Luckily the dessert save the day!

molten chocolate cake S$13.90
warm brownie topped with ice cream and chocolate fudge. it tasted so rich and wonderfully good!
feel like flying into the sky after every mouthful 😀

my long-awaited bear bear che che watch
NL bought it at approx S$78 in hk … while it’s selling S$165 here :O

We walked around the mall before heading into orchard rd and eventually settled down at shaw tower mac 🙂

I love the nice handmade card. It’s kinda rare to receive handmade one since I left sch decade ago. 🙂

Time for 2nd round of desserts, bought by CL from a vendor in the canteen of her working place, selling at 3 for S$10. Dirt cheap for such big slice. They were rich in taste too!

american cheese cake / chocolate truffle / blueberry cheese cake

Goody goody! ^___*

My Birthday Dinner Gathering @ Chili’s

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