My Birthday Dinner Gathering @ Chowon Garden

Full force celebration for my birthday! I’m so happy! ^___^

Wanted to try this out long time ago. It was so near to our ofc and yet it was our 1st time here today.

A search online for review of this restaurant led me to know tat Rain went for his meal there too! Should be authentic then 😛

korean wheat green tea
this refillable drink together with towel charged at per $ per head

buzzer to call for service

yummy banchan (appetisers)
esp on the min vege pancakes, ikan billis and the kimchi

“长寿” stainless steel spoons and chopsticks

ddukboki (S$15)
spicy ricecake
not too bad. but I believed without the sauce, the ricecake is just a plain sticky rice dough.

godeungnyeo qul (S$18)
din take much. a bit fishy to me.

so bulgogi (S$20)
bbq beef
we were recommended to order sliced beef but we insisted on this not so nice minced beef. kinda regret …

daeji bulgogi (S$19)
spicy marinated bbq pork
ordered this for those who dun take beef. taste almost the same, except a little tough …

samgyetang (S$22.50)
ginseng chicken with rice
the soup was nice. but I always find such chicken dry for my taste.

modeum jeon (S$25)
omelette-alike pancake. tasted pretty norm.

this kimchi steamboat fell under “miscellaneous” in the bill
misc for S$48? tat’s …
but this was good. we ordered maggi mee to go with it.

There was no gst surcharge to our huge bill of S$200+. Only 10% service charge incurred.

雷门 and SC(missing in the grp pix) left earlier before the dinner ended, while the rest went ahead for desserts at mei heong yuen, chinatown.

herbal jelly (S$2.50)

gingko nuts with beancurd skin and barley (S$2.50)

almond with nuts (S$2.50)

i finally try the mango snow ice (S$5)
highly recommended by 雷门. it was very flavoury good. as good as eating a mango.
shared along this with BS … too huge for 1 person 😀

Happy nite! Thks for the company! 🙂

My Birthday Dinner Gathering @ Chowon Garden

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