Another Day Out @ Bugis

Last yr they bought the pretty cupcakes for us. But I have some reserve for cupcakes cos I always find them too sweet 😛

This time round they bought 2 boxes of these yummy cakes! Whao!

Of the lots, the rounded chocolate cake was the best!


Met up with Cat and MZ for dinner at bugis.

same set up reused with some hearty twist …

I arrived early and so went for a ‘bro’ther spree.

some promotions for young hearts and I grabbed 2 nite dresses for 大小妹 each

basically mostly for them … so sweeeeeet ^^ … I cun help but buy for them 😀
only grabbed 2 pairs of ‘bro’ther set for myself and got a S$5 off ultimately 🙂

Since I was still holding the expiring S$5 voucher, we headed off to Lai Lai at liang seah st.

We were led to the upper level. Quite a cosy place at 1st until it was full hse, noise within the small enclosed place was hard for a proper chat.

had their mee sua set

After payment made, we were given another S$5 (2 wks validity) voucher again for the next visit! @_@

And our desserts were none other than the sweet secrets cake slices I brought out from ofc. $$ saving … ha! 😉

Another Day Out @ Bugis

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