Jan BDs Gathering

It was time for the ‘big’ Jan BDs gathering again! Which we held it on 妈咪 actual day since it falled on a sun, our usual family day 🙂

We had our lunch at the ‘simplest’ place … SWENSEN! 😛

We simply stroll around the mall and settled down at 大妹’s hse.

Best part of the day … to me … was the crabby meal in the evening at 515A woodlands dr. 14 coffee shop.

奶黄蟹 (custard crab) @ around S$28 per kg

Note that it wasn’t called butter crab but it tasted rather buttery. The crab meat was fresh and bouncy. Milk gravy was neither too sweet nor too thick. Though mixed thoroughly with the crab but doesn’t cover the crabby taste, yet could taste the creamy flavoury gravy. It was finger-licking good too 😀

I was told it was comparable to AMK’s Melben, but I wasn’t sure cos I had never try Melben’s.

Anyway, I want to try the chili one here next time 😉

Jan BDs Gathering

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