Nicey Hawker Food @ Clementi Central

As the saying goes, 失去了才懂得珍惜. Though I knew of the possible upgrading few yrs ago, it wasn’t until 妈咪 informed me tat the hawker will be closed for a period of time this yr tat I finally decided to have a ‘proper’ feast in the hawker itself for some remembrance … incase some stalls will not return after the upgrading 😛

I started spreading the news out to 大小妹们, esp to friens and colls who lived or worked near the west area.

The discussion on having a feast at hawker center received good responses. Even though I only sent out email to 5 others and specifically emphasized tat hawker table only came with 6 seats, it still tempted the rare appearance of ms pilot (whom not in my email list) 😛 Anyway we managed to squeeze in another mobile chair to our table, courtesy of the dessert stall.

Our main aims for tonite were: claypot delicacies, chicken chops and satays!

claypot chicken in oyster sauce
someone din wait for me to take pix 😦

claypot mutton soup

Foods from this couple stalls:

the bak kwa were bought from the stall on the left

chicken chop
their chicken cutlet was my all time fav too!

black pepper chicken chop

pork satays

chicken satays

Too bad their juicy mutton satays were sold out 😦

SS had her very own potian wanton mee. And before I could take pix after returning back with our chicken chop orders, she was almost half done with her food. Wat was left were these few pcs of fried wanton …

We decided to switch to an aircon-ed place after our dinner. Ms pilot caught sight of something which got her so excited with.

old-time coin inserting weighting machine

Too bad her coin went in but no reading came out. Machine was spoilt la! LOL


The hawker is going to be closed for upgrading from 1 Mar till 31 Oct 2010. I wondered if things will be the same … esp their cheap pricings *-)

And best part was … 妈咪 said the food we ate will be returning after the upgrading la! >.<

Nicey Hawker Food @ Clementi Central

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