BB Shower @ The Far West

雷门’s bb, a ‘huge’ bb claimed by his wife. As usual, I had to start carrying the bb afterwhich the ‘passing baton’ starts @_@ (if u understand wat I meant :P)

After self-entertaining ourselves in his room, booking movie online and seated on the staircase enjoying our buffet-ed food, we rushed off for the 4pm movie at JP1. Not knowing we might be catching a movie too, SK and JK went for their other booked movies seperately.

A so-so movie, kinda harry potter shadow in it. We couldn’t enjoy much cos we were seated on the 2nd row which was rather near to the screen.

And to obtain more stamps on my Lai Lai card, they decided to try their food out after my ‘high recommendation’ 😛

their side dishes to their set meal were good. they do sell as ala-carte too.

i tried their beef noodle this round. not too bad but their soup base still lose to the Taiwan Snack House’s.

We received a 10% disc thru my passion card and was given a S$5 voucher for the next visit too. Not bad huh! ^_*

End of the day, only BS and me left around with SM since he rarely came by this place.

By the time we left for hm at 10, SM managed to sign up for 3 ocbc cc (I just anyhow choose for him :P), while BS got a new hp for herself finally. I got nothing but was happy enough 🙂

BB Shower @ The Far West

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