Recce trip to The Sail @ Marina

About 2 wks ago, CO invited me to their management office’s bbq nite at the sail in marina on coming xmas eve. I couldn’t decided cos I usually have my own xmas celebration on such a day.

After some discussions, I decided to invite my own grp of frens to the said bbq nite … complimentary by CO’s boss.

And so, we made a recce trip there to familiarise with the surroundings this afternoon.

In case u r wondering how we managed to book our bbq pits there, well … we have a no. of expatriates staying there and so we booked the place in name of our company 😛


The lift works just like most hotel style. We need to tap the access card onto the panel inorder for the lift to move up to the level the card could access. Basically, whenever u see a door, u will need to tap. And there are many many doors which made me felt like trapped in a maze. This is one part which I felt rather inconvenient. If someone holding the card was to visit the toilet for a long time, the next person to use will have to wait no matter how urgent he/she is :S

Level 8 is one of the common level (accessible by all access cards)

There are few pools around, but none beats the aqua gym pool which supposed to oversee the straits but is now partically blocked by the One fullerton bldg or watever is constructing there.

gym facilities under the water

water pressure massagers

2-3 threadmills

jaccuzi and dunno wat

This level includes an small indoor gym room with a medium build macho caucasian instructor. There is a steam room near the toilet area too but we cun proceed in further with our shoes on.

this is where we will hold our bbq

There are 4 areas with a total of 8 pits. Each booking allowed us to use 2 pits cos they go by area booking. So we booked 3 areas. Though they mentioned each pit area can accomodate 15pax, but looking at the tables and chairs, the remaining 7 ppl will have no place to sit.

Level 44 is the other common level which overlook the marina and part of raffles place!

It was a very nice place for chit-chatting … but of cos if u r staying in the condo, u might as well chat in ur apartment 😛

Anyway, it was a good hangout with friends and families. It was windy too 🙂

just beside ntuc bldg … unblocked view from any event at the bay … esp fireworks!

underconstruction IR … it will be very beautiful with all the lights on when the casino is ready …

more hotels coming up … more dining places too …

onlooking towards part of raffles place

There is a karaoke lounge which is just like any big room from partyworld. ‘Best’ part is … u have to bring ur own disc … which very bo liao …

It was quite accessible via mrt too … but will be a long undertunnel walk though. Even though so, it’s still better than the polluted air from the main road.

I was advised by CO not to drive and park into The Sail cos it will be very expensive. Anyway those who lived there could easily owned a porche or watever super ex ex car … economical car range are RARE … 😛

further reference:

Recce trip to The Sail @ Marina

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