BD Gathering for BS @ Saizeriya

Since no one can come out with ‘good’ idea, 雷门 and I decided Saizeriya at LC for tonite’s dinner.

It was BS’s bd celebration injunction with xmas gathering. Too bad 雷门 was sick and couldn’t join us in the end. Ms sotong was missed too cos it was her exam day.

Anyway the fun wasn’t disturbed as long as this chatty grp was around.

We din make any reservation but was surprised tat the restaurant wasn’t full hse yet (still early) and so we were greeted even before we approached the restaurant. We could choose table location ourselves too and luckily we were ‘isolated’ cos I believed we were the noisiest 😛

There were some repeated orders I had previously cos they were too yummy to be out of my want list.

shrimp salad (S$5.98)
crunchy shrimps … not too bad

mushroom soup (S$2.98)
looks creamy to me (I din try it)

seafood chowder (S$2.98)
this is a repeat order from last. but looks how diff it was served this time.

green mussels (S$5.58)
lots of onions with bits of red and green pepper. but I believe all these enhanced the taste of the mussels. nice!

potato (large – S$5.98)
pretty norm … just to show how it looks like 😛

double cheese pizza (S$6.98)
I like cheesy ones and this din failed me

tuna spaghetti (S$6.48)
the sauce was too dry at first until we asked for more
their spaghetti still turned me off since the last trip

We ordered all their desserts to try too!

cheese cake (S$4.98)
just like oreo cheese cake … or maybe it’s really called oreo cheese cake 😛

tiramisu (S$4.98)
very creamy and soft but no hint of alcohol

cassata (S$5.98)
my fav of the lot cos it came with rum taste 😀

truffel ice cream (S$5.98)
served like muffin, but actually it’s an ice cream. very rich choco. the gals’ fav.

mix gerato (S$4.28)

pumpkin gerato (S$2.98)

Their gerato tasted like medicine … we couldn’t make ourselves finish them up :S

BD Gathering for BS @ Saizeriya

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