Xmas Lunch @ Changing Appetites

13 Dec, Sun

From hotpot to jacks place, we finally decided Changing Appetites becos of the kids promo they had.

3 set choices which includes ‘main course’ chicken bits, spaghetti, and fish fillet.

They ordered 2 fish fillet kid set and 1 spaghetti kid set for the 3 kids. Each fish fillet size is equavilent to the size of 1 pc from the normal fish and chips set serving. And spaghetti was about half the size of a normal serving. If you have small appetite, you can opt for such … but only applicable with kids around.

The serving for the normal set was however BIG!

My beef steak serving was just nice, though a bit on the dry side, but it came with my fav mashed potato and nacho chips 🙂

BT’s barbarian burger was however horrible. We all felt that it could be shared with 2 or more ppl, cos it came with 2 equal slices of beef steak serving, plus grilled chicken steak too! And of cos the bushy vege and fries that came along with it.

The set ordered by BT’s partner came with a slice of beef steak and grill chicken steak too!

And so when GM’s family arrived finally, we warned them of the BIG servings and offered to share with them the ‘extras’ 😀 Moreover we still had this platter before those ‘barbarian’ servings came ;P

So, if you want to save big on family meal, Changing Appetites may be a good choice 😉 But do note that their steaks were quite dry though.

Xmas Lunch @ Changing Appetites

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