Almost 20 Malls In 6D5N

bugis junction -> bugis village -> iluma -> harbourfront -> vivo -> ps -> orchard central -> 313 -> NAC -> wisma -> ion -> TBP -> ppl park centre -> CWP -> chinatown -> china sq central … and some bypassed malls.

All in all, they had covered almost 20 malls during their past 6D5N stay in spore — which was a trip made since their last near 10yrs ago (if the short stay for 小妹’s wedding day in apr not to be counted).

10 Dec, Thurs (Bugis)

Without bringing them into bugis village, I wouldn’t have knew that there was such a big change inside from the last I came. There are more small shops occuping every single floor area, which includes taking over the tze char eatery area for more fashions and accessories shops/carts. 2nd level is expanding too. With all these changes, it will definately be Spore Biggest Pasar Malam (though malam was wrongfully used) as per claimed.

11 Dec, Fri (Harbourfront/Orchard)

313@Somerset is yet another new shopping mall opened just few days ago in orchard road, taking over the ex-premises of the specialist centre and phoenix hotel.

The 8 stories (incl. 3 basement levels) mall offers levels of fashion (which includes the 4-levels forever 21 boutique), food and lifestyles.

Mandarin Gallery — a revamped shopping complex of Mandarin Hotel — was opened too, but we bypassed it only.

12 Dec, Sat (Tiong Bahru/Chinatown/Woodlands)

Just dropped by 小妹’s working pl and headed off to ppl park centre to purchase their return tix. The mum wanted to return days earlier, but the kids wanted to stay on. So only 2 tix were bought.

Afterwhich we headed off to have dinner with 大妹’s family.

13 Dec, Sun

They finally decided to return back together and so we had to head back to chinatown again for another purchase. The rest were having their dim sum at the yam cha restaurant while I was having my xmas lunch gathering with BT’s and GM’s family at Changing Appetites @ MS (next post).

After meeting up with all of them, we headed off to china sq central for their flea mkt, in search for Yee’s miniatures. And here’s wat she grabbed!


After spending all these days with them, only did I know Spore sell better CENTURY EGGS! @_@

They were full of joy to find their childhood sweets FRUTIPS here, which no longer selling in msia 😮

They had been comparing the prices between stuffs sold here and KL these few days, and we came to a conclusion — Spore living standard wasn’t that high afterall! 😉

Almost 20 Malls In 6D5N

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