Xian De Lai Steamboat @ Bugis

sookee xmas tree @ bugis junction this yr

There are a lot of steamboat restaurants at bugis. Today we specially came to their recommended place, Xian De Lai, a shanghai cuisine steamboat place along liang seah st.

We opted for a chicken soup base and a ma-la (spicy) soup base. The stir-fried chicken bits used as ingredients for the ma-la were so nice tat we almost finished them up before the soup was even poured in 😛

look at the dried chili!!! and they still dun find it ‘ma-la’ enough :-O
i could feel my pimples ready to pop out :S

the anyhow mixed sauce :S

It was rather cramp inside the restaurant actually. Luckily for us, we had a small corner for placing our dishes seperately on their foldable stand.

and soon our pot were filled up!

Oh ya! Eat-all-you-can for the price of S$17.80+

xmas tree @ raffles city

lightings along bras basah rd


Just before the dinner, I picked this up from CL … another jap mag purchase just becos of the … free tsumori chisato bag.

InRed mag @ S$18.18
(oh I forgotten to mentioned. CL has their privi card and all our jap mag purchases were after 10% less :D)

basically it is a eco bag

with some shimmery star prints

but the bag was very thin and so it can be seen thru a bit under light

The watches nice rite? 39,900yen (about S$615) each for the 2 beige/gold ones while it cost 42,000yen (about S$647) for my fav black one :S 看就好 😦

Xian De Lai Steamboat @ Bugis

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